Dr Byram Bridle

Canadian Hero Dr. Byram Bridle’s presentation at the doctors’ debate in Ottawa.

Virual Immunoligist Dr Byram Bridle discusses the covid fraud pushed by the government on Canadians like saying vitamin D won’t help. Dr Bridle invited Dr Tam and others to discuss what has been going on. No show Tam, Hadju, Trudeau, etc should be held accountable for the destruction their policies have unleashed on Canadians. Hold these demons accountable or Canada is gone. Freedom isn’t free. God Bless Dr Byram Bridle and everyone fighting to keep FREEDOM alive in Canada! We should bring Dr Reiner Fuellmich and team to Canada to hold Covid trials for all to see! Nuremberg 2 ASAP! These are not vaccines, they are INOCULATIONS!!! Dr Bridle exposes the incompetence of the Ontario Science Table and mentions his interactions with Dr Peter Juni in court. They ALL need to be held accountable. Public trials NOW!!! “The vaccines are making things worse”.