• George Webb Rumble Videos

    George Webb is at least 2 years ahead of most people. Youtube deleted thousands of his videos. BRAVO George!!! BRAVO!!https://rumble.com/vc20oh-george-webb-this-goes-back-to-1999-and-kosovo-soros-uses-nato-encrypts-and-.html https://rumble.com/search/video?q=george%20webb

  • 1984 is NOW.

    Covid is an excuse to turn the World into a Police State. 99+%<70yrs have NO problem.Ivermectin kills covid for pennies.https://youtu.be/17_U4RPOvqE Masks do not stop virus transmission and may actually increase infection rates. https://twitter.com/stevelanebitch/status/1312855912370053121 Nuremberg2 trials for ALL pushing criminal lockdowns.