• Chinada – Are Justin Trudeau’s liberals destroying Canada?

    Has Canada been taken over by psychopaths bent on destroying this Great Country? It is apparently so obvious other Countries are making cartoons about it. Wake up Canada. Nuremberg2 trials asap.https://us.tomonews.com/canadian-prime-minister-justin-trudeau-is-a-big-fan-of-rich-chinese-3230722 Great video from Doctors explaining why lockdowns etc are…

  • Communist Reset, Say NO!

    Tell the psychopaths running your government to STOP this Communist Reset. 1984 wasn’t an instruction manual. Orwell would be impressed. Wake up people before it’s too late.

  • George Webb Rumble Videos

    George Webb is at least 2 years ahead of most people. Youtube deleted thousands of his videos. BRAVO George!!! BRAVO!!https://rumble.com/vc20oh-george-webb-this-goes-back-to-1999-and-kosovo-soros-uses-nato-encrypts-and-.html https://rumble.com/search/video?q=george%20webb

  • 1984 is NOW.

    Covid is an excuse to turn the World into a Police State. 99+%<70yrs have NO problem.Ivermectin kills covid for pennies.https://youtu.be/17_U4RPOvqE Masks do not stop virus transmission and may actually increase infection rates. https://twitter.com/stevelanebitch/status/1312855912370053121 Nuremberg2 trials for ALL pushing criminal lockdowns.