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Francesco Filia: The World’s Twin Asset Bubbles Could Collapse Under Their Own Weight

In this week's MacroVoices podcast, Erik Townsend interviews Francesco Filia, a fund manager at Fasanara Capital. After exchanging pleasantries, Townsend begins the interview by asking Filia, an analysts who's widely regarded for his research about how post-crisis monetary policy has impacted distorted markets, about the different metrics he uses to determine whether a certain asset […]

Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler: “We Seem To Be Living In The Riskiest Market Of Our Lives”

Robert Shiller isn’t the only Nobel Laureate who’s worried the US stock market is sleepwalking toward disaster. In an interview with Bloomberg’s Jeanna Smialek, Thaler, who was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences on Monday for his pioneering work in establishing that humans are “predictably irrational”, said that the stock market’s complacency in […]

Goldman, S&P, USDJPY Drop On Unconfirmed Rumors That Gary Cohn Resigned

Update: Goldman Sach stock and the market are rebounding after Axios reports "source with direct knowledge says rumor is '100% False'"… Rumor flying around Wall Street that Gary Cohn has resigned. Source with direct knowledge tells me rumor is "100% false." — Jonathan Swan (@jonathanvswan) August 17, 2017 The reaction… *  *  * As we […]

White House Confirms “Cohn Intends To Remain In Position”

Update 2: The White House has issued a statement confirming that "Gary Cohn intends to remain in position as NEC Director." The only problem is – the market is ignoring it. Presumably, the market now believes it is just a matter of time… *  *  * Update 1: Goldman Sach stock and the market are […]