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“They’re Back” – David Stockman Heralds “Long Live The Bond Vigilantes”

Authored by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Most of today’s stock speculators don’t remember the bond vigilantes and wouldn’t even recognize one in the flesh. They were just too scary to have been a character on Sesame Street. But last night some strange riders were spotted galloping eastward from China and Japan. While their visage may be somewhat foggy to […]

These Are The People Going With Trump To Davos

Two days after the NYT reported that Trump would attend the 48th World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this month, making him the first sitting US president since the Clinton administration to attend the annual photo-op boondoggle of world leaders, billionaires, and captains of industry, Bloomberg leaked the people Trump will be taking with him to […]

Blackstone’s Byron Wien Says “10% To 15% Correction” In 2018 Is “Virtually Unavoidable”

Byron Wien, the reliably bullish vice chairman of Blackstone’s Private Wealth Solutions Group, change tack slightly in an interview with CNBC  Thursday: He now believes a 10% to 15% stock-market correction this year is “virtually unavoidable.” Now, lest you interpret this call as a major reversal in Wien’s long-held view that the market will continue […]

Stocks Are Melting-Up Again

Remember those China headlines… US equity markets are melting up this morning with S&P at new record highs and Dow topping 25,500 for the first time ever…   And while stocks are exuberant, bonds are going nowhere…   And notably VIX is rising with stocks melt-up – suggesting call-buying exuberance…   http://WarMachines.com

Saudi Arabia Is Taking Over The Binladin Group

Back in November, among the numerous high-profile figures arrested in Saudi Arabia on “anti-corruption” charges, in addition to the shocking detention of prince Alwalaleed bin-Talal another unexpected name emerged: that of Bakr bin Laden, chairman of Saudi Binladin Group and brother of Osama bin Laden. Considering that the real intention of the mass arrests was […]

Ecuador Grants Citizenship To Julian Assange Amid “Threats To His Life”

Yesterday we reported that based on circumstantial evidence, Ecuador appeared to have granted a passport to Julian Assange just a day after he received a veiled eviction threat.  Then moments ago, in a press conference, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) announced that Ecuador had indeed granted naturalization to Julian Assange on December 12. […]

Americans’ Confidence Hits 17-Year High As Democrats Throw In The Misery Towel

‘Chuck and Nancy’ have a problem. It appears the Trump tax cuts were the final straw that broke the partisan confidence camel’s back as the last week saw Democrats’ comfort spike by the most since Dec 2011 to pre-election levels. Americans’ confidence began 2018 by rising to an almost 17-year high on greater optimism about the U.S. […]