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This Is How Chinese Bitcoin Buyers Are Getting Around The Government Ban

China stunned cryptocurrency traders in September when, after announcing a crackdown on ICOs, it went a step further and warned all crypto exchanges operating in mainland China that they would need to wind down their operations by October – effectively killing the nascent cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Observers expected this to be a huge blow…though […]

The Blatant Dishonesty Of The “Boom”

Authored by Jeffrey Snider via Alhambra Investment Partners, Why do humans tend to behave in herds? It’s a fundamental question that only recently have researchers been able to better understand. On the one hand, it doesn’t take an advanced degree in some neurological science to see the basis behind it; survival for our ancestors often […]

The Heads Of New York’s Elite K-12 Schools Are Making More Than Most College Presidents

For Americans that live outside of New York and San Francisco (you know, the ignorant, racist, republican-voting masses living in ‘flyover states’ that elected Trump to the White House) the notion of dropping $50,000 on Kindergarten tuition for a 5 year old would be considered dumb…like, bigly. But, for New Yorkers it’s actually more common […]

Chinese Engineer’s Mysterious Disappearance Suddenly Takes On Geopolitical Significance

Authored by James Dorsey via AlMadaqNews.com, Neither the United States nor China can afford a complete rupture, neither has a clear strategy to help Pakistan stabilize.   Thirty-six-year-old Chinese engineer Pingzhi Liu went missing almost a month ago. It took Pakistani authorities three weeks to classify Mr. Liu’s disappearance as a likely kidnapping that could have significant […]

CNBC Tries To Sneak Fake Bomb Through Newark Airport, Gets Caught

On Thursday, seven crew members from a popular financial cable television network were apprehended by the Feds after they tried to sneak a fake explosive device through a heavily guarded security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).   A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation told NJ […]

An Equity Bubble Second-To-None…

Authored by Michael Liebowitz via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, “Today’s equity market valuations have only been eclipsed by those of 1929, and 1999.” In March of 2017, we examined traditional equity valuations in a new light to help better compare today’s valuations versus those of past business cycles. In particular, we adjusted the popular price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio for […]

New Photos Show Vegas Shooter’s Grizzly Final Scene; Child Porn Found On Computer

Investigators analyzing a computer belonging to Las Vegas shooter found “several hundred images of child pornography” on a Dell laptop belonging to Stephen Paddock, according to a report released today which includes several pictures of the 32nd floor room Paddock had rented.  Computer forensic analysis of a Dell laptop Model E5570 revealed numerous internet searches for […]