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Disinformation Is Real, They Are Trying To Divide Us, It Will Fail – Episode 1608

Click On Picture To See Larger Picture Switzerland first trial of using the blockchain is a success. ADP misses expectations, the reasoning for this is that there are not enough workers, if this is true then salaries would be skyrocketing. Retail apocalypse is continuing into 2018, more stores are closing and the retail vacancy rate […]

There Is Coordinated Effort To Create Hysteria Designed To Instill Fear & Change The Narrative – Episode 1606

Click On Picture To See Larger Picture The property bubbles in Australia and Canada are now popping, this will spread and cause problems in other countries. US manufacturing slumps as orders decline. The US has shipped the majority of manufacturing overseas, it will take time to bring it back. The corporate media have started the […]

It’s Time, The Great Awakening Is About To Begin – Episode 1605

Click On Picture To See Larger Picture Congressman investigating FISA abuse says Rosenstein has been spying on him. Mueller postpones the case against Flynn again. Riots break out in Portland Oregon, the cause, Antifa. The corporate media is reporting that NK has another secret nuclear facility via satellite images, haven’t they tried this before and […]

Freedom, Control, The Lights Are On, The Darkness Will End – Episode 1602

Click On Picture To See Larger Picture Facebook decided that cryptocurrencies are not that dangerous and allows advertisers back in. Core durable goods decline. Pending homes sales decline during the hot time for real estate. Mnuchin back tracks and tries to explain the China investing scenario. The IMF warns of an economic shock and says […]