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Thousands Of Americans Scream At The Sky To Mark Trump Anniversary

It was the scream which, at the conclusion of Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, captured the existential dread of millions of Americans. It also appears to have sparked a mass “resistance” protest movement. On Wednesday night, thousands of Americans across the nation gathered to “Scream helplessly at the Sky on the Anniversary of the Election” to […]

Pending Home Sales Plunge In September To Lowest Since Jan 2015

Following September's modest bounce in exisitng home sales, and explosion in new home sales (biggest jump in 25 years), today's pending home sales was a huge disappointment, blowing the bounce back narrative. Pending Home Sales tumbled 5.4% YoY to its lowest since Jan 2015… Take your pick – is the housing 'recovery' good, bad, or […]

Democrat Wilson Slams John Kelly’s “Empty Barrel” Comment: “This Has Become Totally Personal”

Yesterday, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly gave an emotional plea from the briefing room podium, saying he was "stunned" and "brokenhearted" at Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson’s criticism of what was supposed to be a private call between Trump and a killed military servicemember’s family. I was stunned when I came to work yesterday […]

First Black Medal Of Honor Recipient’s Act of ‘Defiance’: He Never Let The Flag Touch The Ground

As we reported previously, Sunday afternoon's round of NFL games included players from nearly every team joining the "take a knee" protest during the National Anthem, while many others locked arms in solidarity with players who decided to take a knee, or – in the case of the Pittsburg Steelers – remained in the locker room, and […]

Building Permits Rebound In August As ‘Rental Nation’ Demand Returns

Following July's collapse in housing data (from permits to sales), August data for Housing Starts were supposed to bounce back but didn't (falling 0.8% MoM vs +1.7% exp) and Permits were expected to fall 0.8% but spiked 5.7% MoM (thanks to a big jump in multi-family units). So it appears last month's ugly Housing Starts […]

One Trader’s Antidote To ‘Billionaire Bear’ Dalio’s Fearmongering

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, Yesterday, yet another Billionaire Bear issued a stark warning. This time it was Bridgewater Chief Investment Officer Ray Dalio who penned a piece comparing the current environment to 1937. This was after an earlier in the month letter where Bridgewater warned that risks were rising, and […]

Dollar Spikes To 3-Week Highs, Nasdaq Dips After Retail Sales Beat

The market’s reaction to this morning’s retail sales beat is mixed. The Dollar is surging, gold is tanking, and while The Dow is unch, Nasdaq is sliding… Gold, Bonds, and Tech stocks are sinking post-data…   But the dollar is surging…   We wonder if this is the start of 2016 deja vu all over […]