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A Better Way to Thank Veterans

Authored by David Sutherland via InsideSources.com, While a nice sentiment, let’s change the conversation from “thank you for your service” to something more meaningful. The discussion may take less time than an elevator ride… Serving in the military was one of the highlights of my life. When well-intentioned civilians thank me for my service, it […]

Delaying Action To Fight The Opioid Crisis Means More Veterans Will Die

In observance of Veterans Day, Reuters published a story reminding the public how remarkably little has been done to address to rapidly worsening opioid crisis, which has now been blamed for a range of societal ills, including rising male unemployment, cash-strapped foster systems, overtaxed local first responder services – the list goes on. And one […]

There Is No Such Thing As A Former Marine

Authored by Dan Caldwell via The Daily Caller, “Thank you for your service,” that’s the purpose of Veterans Day, to tell those who wore the uniform that we appreciate them. Of course, the focus is on military service. But what often goes overlooked are veterans’ valuable contributions and service to the nation in civilian life. […]

‘Social Justice Collective’ Urges Universities To “Ban Veterans”

Authored by Adam Sabes via Campus Reform blog, A flyer recently appeared at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS) declaring that “in order to protect our academic institutions we must ban veterans from four-year universities.”   The flyer is part of a new “Social Justice Collective Weekly” newsletter, which is not affiliated with the school, and is […]