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Spain Won’t Arrest Separatist Leaders, Blames “Fake News” For Catalan Crisis

Following Catalan President Puigdemont's address yesterday accusing Madrid of "the worst attack since Franco," the Spanish government has urged Catalonians to accept direct control from Madrid and ignore seditious instructions from the pro-independence leaders. Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis responded on Sunday with the call to obey Madrid. “We are going to establish the authorities […]

Watch Live: Catalan’s Puigdemont Due To Address Parliament After Delay

Live Feed (due to start at 1pm ET): *  *  * Update (12:00pm ET): La Vanguardia reports that a last-minute meeting delayed the beginning of the plenary session in which Puidemont could declare independence by one hour. CUP Group Says Catalan Republic Must Be Proclaimed Today As The Spain Report reports, there are three rumours […]

Catalan Leader Asks For Mandate To Declare Independence, Suspends Consequences Of Vote “For Weeks”

Summary (via Bloomberg): It sounds like Catalan President Puigdemont is trying to catch Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at his own game. Rajoy has always said he won’t talk as long as the Catalan government is acting outside the Spanish Constitution’s framework. Puigdemont is basically saying — fine let’s do that — but if doesn’t […]