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The Senate Waited Until Christmas To Reveal How Many Harassment Settlements Were Paid Out

Authored by Kevin Haley via The Daily Caller, As the Christmas holiday weekend set in, the Senate Rules and Administration Committee released a report revealing the Senate has spent $1.5 million on workplace harassment settlements since 1998. The data, provided by the Office of Compliance, a little known administrative body that has quietly settled dozens […]

Congress Discloses Complete Number, Amount Of Harassment Settlements In Past 20 Years

While it’s not surprising that 2007 – the year when spirits were high, housing prices had just hit a record and the financial bubble was about to burst but not yet- was a “swinging one” on the Hill, with a whopping 25 sexual harassment settlements, the most in the past 20 years, we wonder what […]

Congressmen Will Now Receive Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training

Looks like Congress needs a visit from the sexual harassment Panda… Joking aside, House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Tuesday that there will be a new mandatory anti-harassment and discrimination training for all House members and staff. Ryan’s announcement followed the revelation, made by Rep. Jackie Speier, that the House has paid out $15 million in […]