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Uber Reports Massive $1.5 Billion 3Q Loss As Two Investors Drop Out Of New Financing Round

Following an embarrassing revelation from about a weak ago that Uber concealed a massive cyberattack – in which hackers stole personal data from 57 million customers for more than a year – and paid the hackers $100,000 to keep quiet (not to mention the plethora of other scandals of late), investors in the private company […]

Unicorn-holed: Softbank Coalition To Buy Uber Shares At A 30% Discount

And the hits keep coming for the unicornest unicorn in all of unicorn-land… Back in the summer, we suggested – for numerous reasons – that Uber's next round of financing may come at a significant discount to its current $69 billion valuation. Overnight, headlines hit that SoftBank was said to have learned of last year's […]

China Is Threatening America’s Unicorn Dominance

The United States is the undisputed capital of the unicorn – private companies worth more than $1 billion. This title though, is becoming more and more under threat, primarily from China. You will find more statistics at Statista As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, according to CB Insights, there are currently 215 unicorns in the world, of […]

There Goes Another Unicorn: Jessica Alba’s Startup Valuation Crashes More Than Half

Back in the summer of 2014, roughly a year and a half before the second bubble of profitless, "story", aka "tech", companies had burst, we wrote in dismay, that "the true indicator of just how bubbly the second coming of the dot com era has become comes courtesy of none other than Jessica Alba's, yes […]

Softbank Agrees To Block Kalanick From Returning As Uber’s CEO

Travis Kalanick’s hopes to someday return as Uber’s CEO have just been dashed. Japanese conglomerate Softbank has struck an agreement with Uber’s shareholders to block Travis Kalanick from ever being reinstated as the leader of the perennially cash-burning ride-hailing company, according to Bloomberg. As the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month, Softbank is seeking […]

Silicon Valley Snake Oil: It’s Passed Its ‘Sell By Date’

Authored by Mark St.Cyr, “It’s different this time!” One of the greatest examples of Silicon Valley “snake oil” ever devised, embraced, and consumed en masse. The problem with “snake oil?” It’s never different. And today’s newest and improved version has passed its expiration date – and is beginning to turn rancid. Remember when “unicorns” were […]

Mapping The World’s 200-Plus Unicorns

Today’s infographic comes to us from cost information site HowMuch.net, and it shows the hundreds of unicorns around the world. The special “unicorn” moniker, of course, is reserved for privately-held startups that reach valuations of a billion dollars or more. In this map, the startups are plotted plotted based on their country of origin, and not […]

For First Time Ever, Mutual Funds Slash Uber Valuation By Up To 15%

Exactly two weeks ago, we asked if Uber – the world’s most valuable private company – is heading for a valuation-crushing, 40% discount down-round.   Some of our arguments were the following: First, those hoping for a ‘return of the king’ moment were disappointed after it was confirmed that Travis Kalanick isn’t coming back. Second, […]