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Goldman Finds Tax Reform Will Greatly Benefit The Big Banks

It’s not just the ultra rich, as well as a dazed and confused Bob Corker who is set to reap a $1+ million windfall from the passage of a tax bill which he opposed until just days ago, who will benefit from the passage of tax reform: according to Goldman Sachs among the biggest beneficiaries […]

SocGen: “Every Bit Of Good News – Including Tax Reform – Is Now Priced In”

The global stock market is just a few days from entering the history books, largely thanks to the constantly priced in tax reform. As SocGen calculates, and barring any end of year sell-off, the MSCI World index is set to record it first ever year of posting a positive total return in every single month […]

House, Senate Republicans Reach Tax Deal: Here Are The Initial Details

One day after we reported that “Congressional Republicans reached a tentative tax agreement“, the news of which sparked another risk surge into the close of trading, moments ago we got the second tax deal in 24 hours – if only for algo consumption – when the AP reported that House and Senate GOP leaders have […]

Republicans Reach Tentative Tax Agreement: Raise Corporate Tax To 21%, Cut Individual Tax To 37%

One month ago, we speculated that in order to pass the GOP tax plan, Congress would end up having to raise the proposed corporate tax rate from 20% to 25%, because as it stands now, there is simply not enough sources of funding. In the end corp tax will be agreed upon at 25% starting […]

Tax Bill May Spark Exodus From High-Tax States

From FinancialSense.com via ValueWalk.com, The following is a summary of our recent podcast, “Exodus – The Major Wealth Migration,” which can be listened to on our site here on on iTunes here. It’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll see the GOP tax bill pass in the near future. Prepped for signing by the end of […]

Dollar Suffers Worst Year Since 2003 (And The Future Looks Even Grimmer)

The US Dollar is down over 9% year-to-date against a broad basket of the world's fiat currencies, tumbled over 10% against gold, and has collapsed against Bitcoin; but, as Bloomberg's Garfield Reynolds warns, the dollar's worst year since 2003 is about to get "even grimmer" in 2018… Via Bloomberg, The one point of clarity coming […]

Corporate Tax Cuts: “The Seen & The Unseen”

Authored by 720Global's Michael Lebowitz via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Since Donald Trump was elected President, the S&P 500 has rallied over 21% or nearly 500 points. In our opinion, a good portion of the gain is attributable to his promise, as well as congressional efforts, to reform the tax code. In particular, the proposed sharp reduction in […]

Could Trump’s Tax Bill Trigger A Mass Exodus From Manhattan? Goldman Seems To Think So…

New York’s billionaire hedge fund managers have blazed the trail south in recent years with the likes of David Tepper, Paul Tudor Jones and Eddie Lampert all ditching the Empire State for Florida…a state which brings not only pristine beaches and year-round golf weather but also the added benefit of a 0% personal income tax […]

Just 10 Companies Account For 33% Of All Market Gains Since Trump’s Election

Yesterday we laid out the reasons why French bank SocGen unveiled a surprisingly contrarian forecast, according to which the S&P would tumble from its current level over 2,600 to 2,000 in 2018, representing a more than 20% bear market drop… … the drop catalyzed by rising interest rates pressuring P/E multiples, a late cycle economy […]

Details Of ‘Simplified’ Senate Tax Bill Start To Leak: 7 Tax Brackets, Scraps All SALT Deductions

As the House tax bill hits the wires, leaked details of the Senate's tax bill are coming out… There will be 7 tax brackets – considerably more complex than the 3 brackets in the House bill Senate tax legislation will keep seven tax brackets but alter the rates, GOP Sen. John Hoeven tells reporters.   Hoeven says […]

“Bubble Tax”: The GOP’s Hidden 46% Tax Bracket

Authored by Danny Vinik via TheAgenda, If you’re rich enough, some of your income is taxed at a rate unseen since the ‘80s. House Republicans claim the tax plan they introduced Thursday keeps the top individual rate unchanged at 39.6 percent – the level at which it’s been capped for much of the past quarter-century. […]

GOP Tax Plan “Talking Point” Highlights Released

Moments ago, the GOP released the “talking point” highlights of the republican tax plan which, as previewed earlier this morning, will keep the 20% corporate tax cut as permanent, and which allegedly will assure that a family of 4 making $59,000 will get a $1,182 tax cut. As discussed previously, the bill keeps a top […]

Futures Slide On Report Corporate Tax Cuts To Be Temporary, Phase Out After A Decade

When the NAR won the battle over keeping State and Local Tax deductions “as is”, in the process denying the proposed GOP tax reform more than a trillion in revenue over the next ten years, it effectively doomed the most important provision of the republican tax bill set to be unveiled tomorrow: the reduction in […]

House Republicans Propose Leaving Income Tax Rate Unchanged For Million-Dollar Earners

Now that the Senate has passed the $4 trillion federal budget, unlocking the reconciliation process and clearing the way for tax reform, Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee are hashing out the finer points of tax reform. And in keeping with the spirit of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s promise that the lopsided nature […]

“Credit Negative For U.S. Government”: Moody’s Threatens Downgrade If Trump Tax Plan Is Passed

As various institutions continue to publish very detailed estimates of how Trump’s tax plan will impact the federal budget, which is somewhat amazing since income brackets haven’t even been assigned yet, Moody’s published a note today threatening to finally strip the U.S. of its AAA credit rating if the tax plan is ultimately passed as […]