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Feminist Professors Slam Selfies For “Perpetuating Classic Gender Roles”

Authored by Toni Airaksinen via Campus Reform, A group of feminist professors recently discovered that Instagram selfies taken by women in college can reinforce “traditional gender roles.” In a study led by Mardi Schmeichel, a University of Georgia (UGA) professor specializing in “feminist theory,” a team of professors analyzed 233 selfies that were posted in […]

Northern Ireland – Where The Women Out-Earn The Men

The gender pay gap is an issue all around the world and the UK is certainly no exception. As Statista's Martin Armstrong notes, the difference between men and women's earnings is currently largest in London, where a full-time male employee gets an average of 14.6 percent more per hour than his female counterpart. To some degree or other, the […]

Upon The Next Crisis, The Rules Will Suddenly Change

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, …For the benefit of the elites; not the rest of us…   We can add a third certainty to the two standard ones (death and taxes): The rules will suddenly change when a financial crisis strikes. Why is this a certainty? The answer is complex, as it […]

“The Goolag Echopeligo”

Authored by Robert Gore via StraightLineLogic.com, If you find the title confusing, DDG the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Warning: SLL is about to put forth two propositions that are so obvious they’re undoubtedly controversial. Readers offended by the obvious but controversial are advised to stop reading. Proposition one: If Group A and Group B are […]