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1,000s Of “Micro-Homes” Sprout Up All Over Bay Area To House The Growing Homeless Population

Roughly one year ago we shared the plans of a billionaire real estate developer in San Francisco who wanted to build communities for the homeless in Bay Area neighborhoods using stackable steel shipping containers (see: San Fran Billionaire Luanches Plan To House Homeless In Shipping Containers).  Not surprisingly, the efforts were met with some resistance […]

Robots Purge Homeless From San Francisco Sidewalks

As the homeless crisis on America’s West Coast forces many cities to the financial brink, one innovative animal shelter in San Francisco is using a low cost, high-tech robot security guard to shoo away the homeless outside its facilities, the San Francisco Business Times reported. The San Francisco branch of the SPCA (the Society for the Prevention […]

“The Incredible Shrinking Yard”: Growing McMansions Are Increasingly Devouring Backyards

America’s obsession with the ever-growing McMansion, combined with a perpetual lack of funding for said McMansion, has resulted a unique phenomenon which Trulia has dubbed “The Incredible Shrinking Yard.”  Analyzing public records to compare residential lot sizes to home footprints, Trulia says that homes built over the past two years occupy a staggering 25% of […]

More Real-Estate Insanity: Owner Asking $800,000 For Burned-Out San Francisco Home

A ‘fixer upper’ is a charitable term for what this is. In a story that exposes just how obscenely overvalued San Francisco’s housing market has become, Business Insider reports that one motivated real estate agent in San Francisco is seeking a buyer for a home in the tony Bernal Heights neighborhood that was completely gutted […]

How Much Space Does $1,500 Rent In The World’s ‘Most Magnetic’ Cities?

New Yorkers who wince every time they slip a $1,500 rent check under their super’s door should consider moving to Shanghai, or maybe Berlin. According to a new study published on RentCafe, $1,500 will buy you three times more space in Shanghai than in Los Angeles and twice as much in Frankfurt. Meanwhile, rents per […]

Serendipia Nest: From Boarding House to Border-less Nation

Via The Daily Bell Does a nation have to be location based? What if one house in San Francisco, one city block in South America, and a villa in Asia were all part of a decentralized nation? What would make it a nation? A unique culture. A set of values. Mutual aid. Even its own […]

The 30 US Metros With The Highest And Lowest Incomes

Authored by Wolf Richter via WolfStreet.com, Breath-taking differences in a vast country. The Census Bureau released another data trove this week for 2016, based on the American Community Survey. Among many other data points, the survey details median household incomes by geographic location, such as by metro area, county, or state. And they show just […]

“It Was A Setup” – Organizers Cancel San Francisco “Freedom Rally”

After city officials tried – unsuccessfully – to stop a "Freedom Rally" slated to take place Saturday in San Francisco, the event's organizers abruptly canceled, telling those who had planned on attending that they feared demonstrators were being “set up” by left wing protesters intent on violently attacking them. Joey Gibson, one of the rally's […]