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Rocket-Launcher Turned In During San Francisco Gun Buyback

Over the weekend, it was supposed to be just another gun buyback event for San Francisco police, but that wasn’t the case at all. In total, 280 firearms were exchanged for cash by officers, however, one individual took advantage of the “ask no questions” policy and handed over an M136 AT4 Anti-tank rocket launcher. Yes, a rocket […]

Venezuela Arrests Former Oil Minister And Ex-Head Of PDVSA

As OPEC is set to celebrate the extension of the cartel’s oil production cut for another year in Vienna, Venezuela former-oil minister and the former head of the now defaulted state energy company PDVSA have no reasons to celebrate following their overnight arrests in Venezuela. Taking a page out of the Saudi “anti-corruption” playbook, Reuters […]

Bankrupt Venezuela Is Demanding Oil From JV Partners Without Payment

Now that Venezuela, and its state-owned petroleum company PDVSA, were both officially declared in default on their debt by ISDA last Friday, analysts were closely watching what the insolvent Maduro government would do next, now that it is – at least on paper – isolated from most international capital markets (with the occasional loophole when […]