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How The Asset Bubble Could End – Part 1

Authored by Pater Tenebrarum via Acting-Man.com, Another Shoeshine Boy Moment We recently pondered the markets while trying out our brand-new electric soup-cooling spoon (see below). We are pondering the markets quite often lately, because we believe tail risk has grown by leaps and bounds and we may be quite close to an important juncture, i.e.,  […]

Worhsipping At The Altar Of FOMO

Authored by Sven Henrich via NorthmanTrader.com, Retail investors are worshipping at the altar of FOMO (fear of missing out). It may prove to be a painful experience. Never before has retail gotten this aggressively exposed to stocks. Just in time when central banks and buybacks are pulling back. I talked a bit about this in […]


Authored by Sven Henrich via NorthmanTrader.com, No period is worse for bears than when it’s the best time to sell stocks. It’s the polar opposite of when conditions are worst for bulls, right when it’s the best time to buy as it was in January-March 2009. The exhaustion factor is enormous. It’s called capitulation as […]

Tax Turmoil & China Contagion Slam US Stocks, Treasury Yields Tumble

Is it the bears turn now?   Chinese bonds and stocks were ugly overnight as the calm of the congress came to an end…   Small Caps were slammed today – worst day since August. Nasdaq managed to scramble back to green in the last few mins, but failed to hold it…   Small Caps […]

Bearish Fund Traders Head For Early Hibernation

'Speculators' have never been so confidently complacent that 'all is well'. Speculative positioning in VIX futures and options remains at its most short in history as traders refuse to back away from 'what works' as realized volatility collapses to its lowest in over 60 years… And as Dana Lyons notes, assets in mutual funds designed […]

BTFD Or Is This Time Different?

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Since the end of the financial crisis, each market decline has been met with support by the Federal Reserve either through “verbal accommodation” or directly through “monetary interventions.” Not surprisingly, investors have become “trained” each “dip” in the market is a reason to “buy” even in the areas with the least […]