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The Media’s Reign Of Error Exposed

Authored by Mark Hemingway via WeeklyStandard.com, Covering the Trump presidency has not always been the media’s finest hour, but even grading on that curve, the month of December has brought astonishing screwups. Professor and venerable political observer Walter Russell Mead tweeted on December 8, “I remember Watergate pretty well, and I don’t remember anything like […]

RNC Reverses, Will Back Roy Moore Following Trump Endorsement

Confirming an earlier report by Breitbart, the Hill reports that the Republican National Committee has decided to reinstate its support of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore after initially cutting ties over allegations of sexual misconduct, following Trump's official endorsement earlier on Monday of the Alabama Judge after weeks of silence.  Breitbart first reported that the […]

Did NBC Push An Unfounded Conspiracy Theory On Behalf Of CIA?

Authored by Wayne Madsen via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Retired National Security Agency (NSA) chief technology officer William Binney is being branded as a "conspiracy theorist" by corporate media outlets, most notably, the Comcast-owned National Broadcasting Corporation, for co-authoring a controversial memo issued this past summer by a group of former intelligence officers – Veteran […]

Roy Moore’s Communications Director Resigns

Amid an ongoing barrage of sexual assault allegations, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has just confirmed to the Washingtonian that his communications director, John Rogers, has resigned. John Rogers has resigned as communications director from Roy Moore’s Senate campaign, according to a source familiar with the matter.   Reached by phone on Wednesday, Rogers confirmed […]

Roy Moore To Hold Unplanned Press Conference At 5pm EST

Amid spiraling accusations of sexual misconduct, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has just announced that he and his attorney will hold an unplanned press conference at 5pm EST…which gives the world just under 1 hour to speculate as to whether Moore will resign or double down on efforts to defend himself. JUST IN: Roy Moore […]

Judge Moore Doubles Down On Denial; Alleges That Gloria Allred’s Yearbook Message Is A Fake

Update:  In an impromptu press conference, Roy Moore’s attorneys have called upon Gloria Allred and her client Beverly Young-Nelson to release the high school yearbook which she claims was signed in 1977 by then Assistant District Attorney Moore so that it can be submitted to a handwriting expert for analysis.  HAPPENING NOW: Roy Moore’s attorney […]

RNC Pulls Financial Support From Roy Moore

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has pulled its financial support from GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore by severing official fundraising ties, leaving Moore “increasingly isolated as he confronts charges of sexual misconduct with teenagers.” According to Politico, the RNC is terminating a joint fundraising agreement it had with Moore and is also canceling a field […]

Republican Senatorial Committee Cuts Off Roy Moore’s Funding

Update: The National Republican Senatorial Committee has reportedly removed itself from its joint fundraising agreement with Roy Moore. Politico reports that Federal Election Commission paperwork filed on Friday showed that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is no longer listed as part of a joint fundraising committee with Moore's campaign, the Alabama Republican Party, and the […]

Trump Blames Gillespie For Virginia Defeat: “He Did Not Embrace What I Stand For”

Update (8:45pm EST): In a somewhat terse tweet, President Trump wasted not time apportioning any blame squarely on the shoulders of establishment Republican Ed Gillespie for his loss… Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the […]

Watch Live: Virginia Governor’s Race A Virtual Dead Heat As Results Start To Pour In

Update (7:45pm EST):  With just 21% of votes counted, the New York Times shows a virtual dead heat in Virginia between Democrat Ralph Northam (49.4%) and Republican Ed Gillespie (49.3%).  Here’s a live feed of the results: * * * After a hard-fought campaign, one which turned downright vicious in recent weeks, Virginia’s race for […]

Trump Referendum Or Just Another Dem Disappointment: All Eyes Turn To Virginia’s Governor Race

After a hard-fought campaign, one which turned downright vicious in recent weeks, Virginia’s race for governor is now just hours away from being decided with polls set to close at 7pm EST.  The race pits Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) against former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie (R) and will undoubtedly be spun as […]

Senate Intel Chair Demands Crackdown On Russia’s Social-Media Ad Spend

Following Facebook’s “bombshell” revelation last night that Russian-backed entities purchased more than $100,000 in political advertising on its platform, Congressional Democrats and their compatriots in the “resistance” have been howling that the company's admission represents incontrovertible proof that Russia successfully managed to sway the US presidential election. Setting aside the fact that such claims are […]

After Wave Of Firings, Lawmakers Don’t Know Who To Call At The White House

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has fired no fewer than 14 high-level staffers, including former chief of staff Reince Priebus and former chief strategist Steve Bannon. With so many vacancies in the West Wing, the Hill is reporting that members of Congress aren’t certain to whom they should reach out at the White House […]