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Is Going To College Worth It? (Yes, If You’re White!)

Over the past few years, individual wealth grew for all Americans. But that doesn’t mean everybody is on level ground. HowMuch.net's graphic below shows the net worth disparity between racial groups, both with and without a college education. Source: HowMuch.net HowMuch.net created this graphic using new data from a Federal Reserve analysis of recent trends in consumer […]

Obama Compares Trump To Hitler: “60 Million People Died So You’ve Got To Pay Attention, And Vote”

It’s almost never a good idea for a political figure to invoke the name of Hitler.  In fact, that very mistake undoubtedly contributed to premature demise of Sean Spicer earlier this year. Of course, the rules are slightly different for former President Obama as the media barely batted an eye when he compared the rise […]

What Went Wrong In Charlottesville: At All Levels, Government Is Still The Problem

Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, Corruption. Graft. Intolerance. Greed. Incompetence. Ineptitude. Militarism. Lawlessness. Ignorance. Brutality. Deceit. Collusion. Corpulence. Bureaucracy. Immorality. Depravity. Censorship. Cruelty. Violence. Mediocrity. Tyranny. These are the hallmarks of an institution that is rotten through and through. We have been saddled with the wreckage of a government at all levels […]

Editor Apologizes For Running “White Death” Opinion Piece

Authored by Rob Shimshock via The Daily Caller, An editor for a student paper apologized for an op-ed a student journalist asserted that “white death will mean liberation for all,” according to a Wednesday report. Rudy Martinez, a Texas State University student journalist for The University Star, wrote an article entitled “Your DNA Is An […]

Campus Newspaper Editorial: “Your [White] DNA Is An Abomination”

Authored by Lauren Cooley via The Washington Examiner, A new opinion piece in a Texas State University student newspaper tells white students, “Your DNA is an Abomination.” “When I think of all the white people I have ever encountered – whether they’ve been professors, peers, lovers, friend, police officers, et cetera – there is perhaps […]

Hate Crime Hoax: Air Force Cadet Admits To Faking Racial Crime

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, A black Air Force cadet has admitted to writing racial slurs targeting blacks attempting to generate hate crime outrage. You may remember the epic speech given by Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy… “There is absolutely no place in our Air Force for racism. […]

Germany: Full Censorship Now Official

Authored by Judith Bergmann via The Gatestone Institute, Germany has made no secret of its desire to see its new law copied by the rest of the EU. When employees of social media companies are appointed as the state's private thought police and given the power to shape the form of current political and cultural […]

UC Santa Cruz ‘Liberals’ Declare Mainstream Republicans Nazis: A Threat To Their Safety For Simply Existing

Authored by Alex Thomas via SHTFplan.com, A meeting of the College Republicans at the University of California, Santa Cruz was taken over and subsequently shut down by hard-left students who literally screamed that the groups very existence was a threat to their safety. The leftist group initially organized the effort to derail the free speech […]

Bring Out The Gimp: Everybody Loves Hitler

Via The Daily Bell Everybody loves Hitler. Hitler is a one-size-fits-all kinda guy. He’s always on time, never complains and works for free. The perfect Government stooge. Have doubts about free-for-all immigration?Annoyed by militant feminism?Believe in traditional values?Not seduced by Socialism?Got no love for Sharia law? Why, you must be a Nazi. It’s simple. Hitler […]

UN Says Blacks In America Deserve Reparations, Ignores Entire History Of Slavery

Content originally published at iBankCoin.com A recent report published by a U.N. commissioned organization concludes that America’s history of slavery justifies reparations for African Americans. The submission by the ‘Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent’ – which one might assume would study all ‘People of African Descent’ around the world, notably fails to opine on other nations which have engaged in […]

The New ‘Scariest Chart In The World’

While “worst since Lehman” has become ubiquitous and central bankers’ experimentations have left us with many “all-time” record extremes from asset values to inequality, we suspect the following chart from Deutsche Bank is about to become the new “world’s scariest chart.” “Worst Since Hitler”… The last time “Populism” surged this fast to this level of […]

Pat Buchanan: “Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?”

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org, “The Barbarian cannot make … he can befog and destroy but … he cannot sustain; and of every Barbarian in the decline or peril of every civilization exactly that has been true.” Hilaire Belloc’s depiction of the barbarian is recalled to mind as the statues honoring the history and […]

Antifa Leader is Professor Who Jokes About Dead Cops and Executing Students

Content originally published at farleftwatch.com In a Thursday, September 14th article from The Hill titled “Antifa activists say violence is necessary“, author Katie Bo Williams discussed Antifa’s proclivity towards violence with activists in the movement as well as academics who support it. One of the people she spoke with was Mike Isaacson, who is one of […]

Maxine Waters: “They’re Trying To Kill Me!”

California Democrat Maxine Waters thinks white nationalists and the KKK are trying to kill her. At least she suggested as much during a House subcommittee hearing on terrorism and illicit financing when she asked what she and others could do about white nationalists and KKK members who threaten them on the Internet. “What can we […]

Brandon Smith: “Sorry, Joe Biden – The ‘Soul’ Of America Is Conservative”

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, Some political figures truly embody the classic role of the divider; their purpose seems to be to agitate and provoke, to instigate conflict rather than mediate peace. Al Sharpton and Nancy Pelosi come to mind. Let's not forget John McCain or Lindsay Graham. Barack Obama was known as the […]