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Is Christmas Inefficient?

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via The Mises Institute, After hundreds of years of attacks on Christmas, economists have finally gotten into the act. Yale University’s Joel Waldfogel, writing in the American Economic Review, condemns what he calls “The Deadweight Loss of Christmas.” Once you cut through the calculus and graphs, his conclusion is clear: though Christmas […]

The War On Gold Intensifies: It Betrays The Elitists’ Panic And Coming Defeat – Part 1

Authored by Stewart Dougherty via InvestmentResearchDynamics.com, Dictatorship (noun):  Definition #3:   absolute power or authority (Websters);Def. #2:   absolute, imperious or overbearing power or control (Random House);Def. #3:   Absolute or despotic control or power (American Heritage);Def. #3:  Absolute or supreme power or authority (Collins English Dictionary);Def. #1:  A type of government where absolute sovereignty is allottedto an […]