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Fear and Loathing in the Age Of QE, AI, Trump and War

‘Fear and Loathing In the Age of QE … AI’ is a presentation given at Mining Investment London earlier this week. Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore presentation (28 minutes) was well received at the conference which is a strategic mining and investment conference for leaders in the mining and investment sectors, bringing together attendees from 20 countries.     Key topics in the video: […]

Cable Concerns Mount As Brexit Negotiations Begin Again

European diplomats began hashing out what they want from the next stage of Brexit talks this week, seeking a united stance they can present to the U.K. The envoys will start to discuss the ideal length of the transition phase, its scope, and whether the bloc would impose the EU's "four freedoms," including free movement of people. […]

Bank Of England Hikes Rates By 25bps In 7-2 Vote; First Increase In A Decade; Pound Plunges

Over ten years since the last rate hike by the Bank of England in July 2007 (when incidentally, cable was trading above $2.00), and following years of market expectations of an imminent rate hike that failed to materialize… …. moments ago the BOE – which had telegraphed the move extensively in recent months despite some […]

Mad, Mad, Mad, MAD World: News in Charts

Global Outlook – Mad, Mad, Mad, MAD World: News in Charts Alarm bells are ringing for economic fundamentalists such as Fathom Consulting. Asset prices look increasingly out of step with fundamentals, and in some cases they look downright bubbly. And other geopolitical developments are similarly alarming. One might even describe them as… Mad: Equity prices […]

Cable Crashes To 1-Month Lows As May Mutiny Mounts

On the heels of our earlier note regarding the disastrous speech Theresa May gave yesterday and the backlash from her own party, it appears the mutiny is mounting as The Telegraph reports that Tory rebels have said that there is a "50/50" chance they will confront Theresa May in the next three days and demand […]

China Catalyst To Send Gold Over $10,000 Per Ounce?

China Catalyst To Send Gold Over $10,000 Per Ounce? Jim Rickards is on record forecasting $10,000 gold. But is China about to provide the catalyst to send gold even higher? And by how much? Today, we fare forth in the spirit of speculation… follow facts down strange roads… and arrive at a destination stranger still… […]

Pound Surges After BOE Keeps Rates Unchanged, Warns “Withdrawal Of Stimulus Is Likely” In Coming Months

As expected, the BOE kept its interest rate unchanged at 0.25%, in a 7-2 vote, while maintaining the rest of its bond monetization programs in line in a 9-0 vote. MPC holds #BankRate at 0.25%, maintains government bond purchases at £435bn and corporate bond purchases at £10bn. pic.twitter.com/D1w1kcvgrz — Bank of England (@bankofengland) September 14, […]

Whole Foods Price Cut Leads To 25% Surge In Customers, Channel Checks Reveal

Curious what the impact was of those dramatic price cuts by Amazon at Whole Foods two weeks ago? We now have the answer. As a reminder, at the end of August, just as the Amazon purchase of Whole Foods closed, Jeff Bezos slashed prices at his newest retail acquisition by up to 43%. As Bloomberg […]

Buy Gold for Long Term as “Fiat Money Is Doomed”

Buy Gold for Long Term as “Fiat Money Is Doomed”   – Buy gold for long term as fiat money is doomed warns Frisby– Gold’s “winning streak” will continue in long term– September is traditionally a good month for gold, as we head into the Indian wedding season– “It’s just a matter of time before gold comes […]

SocGen: “It’s All About A Total Eclipse Of The Currency Sun Today…”

According to SocGen’s currency strategist Kit Juckes one main reason why Bitcoin and cryptos in general are doing so well today is because “it’s a feature of the low-inflation era that very few governments or central bankers want a strong currency.” As has been extensively observed over the past decade, “strong currencies depress inflation, at […]