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As Under Armour Collapses, CEO Builds Elitist Hotel & Whiskey Distillery

Earlier, we reported on Under Armour’s epic stock collapse down over -75% from its September 2015 highs. This is one stock Central Bankers forgot to buy. Today’s stock crash -15% is being felt across Baltimore once again, city streets are eerily calm, as the latest round of millennials who ‘bought the dip’ called in sick […]

Meet Billionaire Kevin Plank: Maryland’s Corporate Welfare King

Via StockBoardAsset.com, A corporate cronyism scandal could be brewing out of Baltimore, Maryland this month involving Billionaire Kevin Plank (CEO of Under Armour). What is alleged per The Baltimore Post are Baltimore County Council members  supporting a ‘conditional grant in an amount up to  $ 2,000,000 to Under Armour, inc from the Maryland Department of Commerce pursuant […]

Under Armour CEO Plank Resigns From Trump’s Manufacturing Council “To Focus On Inspiring”

Having been thoroughly shamed by his adoring liberal fans after complementing President Trump's business-friendly policies and joining his manufacturing council, we can't help but wonder if Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank has been looking for an 'out' ever since. When asked in February about his involvement with President Donald Trump's Manufacturing Jobs Initiative during an […]