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Why For Euro Bulls The Pain Is Only Just Starting

Judging by the 200 pip tumble since the ECB’s meeting on Thursday, the EURUSD was at 1.1614 moments ago, the unexpectedly dovish taper clearly surprised many, and attention has fallen on the open-ended nature of the operation as the focus of that surprise. And speaking of said “open-ended” taper, overnight Boersen-Zeitung reported that Bundesbank President […]

Why the US Dollar is About to Go Up, and the Euro Isn’t.

After 8-months of persistent decline (-11.75%), the US Dollar ($DXY) appears poised for a strong technical bounce across daily, weekly and monthly timeframes. With $DXY’s 92.63 monthly close, August 2017’s end likely marked an 8-month high-to-low cycle for the US Dollar – which hovers a mere penny above major support at 92.62 (next major support […]