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Global Stocks Just Shy Of Record Highs As Dollar, Yields Rise On Taylor Tension

Global markets traded near all-time highs on Tuesday, with S&P futures, Asian shares and European stocks all flat this morning, while oil continued to gain on Kurdish geopolitical concerns while most industrial metals fell.  The euro extended its recent slide and stocks drifted as Spain’s escalating hard-line response to the Catalonian secession threat fueled concern […]

World’s Largest Ad Company Crashes After Dismal Earnings, “Terrible” Guidance

If yesterday’s tape bomb came courtesy of the most prominent UK subprime lender, Provident Financial, which plunged over 70% after it gave a “clearly awful” business update coupled with the resignation of its CEO, today’s market shock belongs to ad giant, WPP, whose shares crashed the most since 2000 after the world’s largest advertising company […]