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Mike Krieger Warns “The Generational Wheels Are Turning”

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, “The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.” — Oren Harari If you only read my stuff sporadically, you might be surprised to hear that I’m actually quite optimistic about the future. The main reason I compose articles highlighting all the frauds, corruption and […]

America’s Extreme Social Fragmentation Exposed In 3 Simple Charts

Via MauldinEconomics.com, Analysts have been conducting studies since 1994, trying to discern political polarization. These three charts look at the years 1994, 2004, and 2017. Even as late as 2004, notice the broad crossover between the median Democrat and median Republican. And then notice how wide the divide is today. Not only are the median […]

Jamie Dimon Should Learn About Lemons

By Chris at www.CapitalistExploits.at A tale of two James’. What does this guy: Captain James Cook …have in common with this guy: Two things: Same first name, and similar opportunities. Let me explain. Captain James was probably just another ruffian salty with poor hygiene and bad teeth. But you know what the catalyst to his fame […]

Silicon Valley Snake Oil: It’s Passed Its ‘Sell By Date’

Authored by Mark St.Cyr, “It’s different this time!” One of the greatest examples of Silicon Valley “snake oil” ever devised, embraced, and consumed en masse. The problem with “snake oil?” It’s never different. And today’s newest and improved version has passed its expiration date – and is beginning to turn rancid. Remember when “unicorns” were […]

Why You Might As Well Be Painting A Giant Bulls-Eye On Your Bank Account

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, Vegetarians be forewarned… you won’t like what follows. We slaughtered a pig yesterday at the farm. I have two freezers full of pork now, and countless strips of bacon curing in the kitchen. I’ve written about this before– out here at the farm I’m able to organically produce almost […]

Mike Krieger On Charlottesville: “Don’t Play Into The Divide & Conquer Game”

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, I’m going to keep this relatively short. I’ve written thousands of articles over the years, and anyone who’s read me for any period of time knows where I stand when it comes to hatred, bigotry and violence. I find all these things repulsive, and think people who […]