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Susan Collins Says She’s A ‘Yes’ On Tax Reform, Assuring Vote Passage

In an announcement that effectively clears the way for the GOP's Congressional leadership to send the Republican tax-reform plan to President Donald Trump's desk, Maine moderate Susan Collins said Monday afternoon that she intends to vote for the bill. As Republicans try to pass their No. 1 legislative priorty by week's end, a new controversy […]

Bama Blowout?: Latest Fox News Poll Shows Doug Jones With Commanding 10-Point Lead Over Moore

With voting set to get underway in the controversial Alabama Senate race in about 24 hours, the latest Fox News Poll of likely voters shows a commanding 10-point lead for Democrat Doug Jones.  The poll was conducted among likely Alabama voters on Thursday through Sunday using traditional polling techniques, including a list-based probability sample with […]

58 House Democrats Vote To Impeach Trump; Vote Fails

We have officially lost count of the number of times that Democrats have now attempted to pass a resolution to impeach President Trump, let alone, alleged sex abuser Congressman Al Green who brought today's motion. In today's case, even his own party's leadership voted against it, calling the move premature. Texas representative, Al Green, a […]

If Michael Flynn’s ‘Crime’ Is All Robert Mueller Has… It’s Time To Move On

Authored by James Robbins, op-ed via USA Today, Transitions include the president-elect talking to foreign officials. That's not treason; that's the job description. On Friday, President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators about a perfectly legal conversation he had during the presidential transition with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. […]

ABC Makes “Epic Mistake”, Retracts Bombshell Flynn Story

Having caused chaos in financial markets briefly, set the liberal media on fire with 'I told you so's, and sparked a renewed round of #ImpeachTrump demands, ABC News issued a 'clarification' to their bombshell Flynn report that not only negates the entire story but provides President Trump with another round of ammunition to fire against […]

Flynn Will Testify Against Trump, Pleads Guilty

Gold is spiking as stocks and the dollar sink after headline reports from ABC that Michael Flynn promised "full cooperation to the Mueller team" and is prepared to testify that as a candidate, Donald Trump "directed him to make contact with the Russians." JUST IN: @BrianRoss on @ABC News Special Report: Michael Flynn promised "full […]

Flynn Prepared To Testify Against Trump; Gold Spikes, Stocks Crash

Gold is spiking as stocks and the dollar sink after headline reports from ABC that Michael Flynn promised "full cooperation to the Mueller team" and is prepared to testify that as a candidate, Donald Trump "directed him to make contact with the Russians." JUST IN: @BrianRoss on @ABC News Special Report: Michael Flynn promised "full […]

“Not Possible They Missed It”: NY Post Slams Media For Burying DNC Efforts To Replace Clinton With Biden

Just over a year ago, we were all told that the following video of Hillary collapsing into a van, because she literally couldn’t support her own weight, was just a big ‘nothing burger’ being sensationalized by right-wing kooks for political gain.  Rather than being caused by some serious ailment, the mainstream media eagerly assured everyone […]

Democrats Now Concerned Trump Is Colluding With China

After trying (and so far failing) for a year to prove that President Trump and/or members of his campaign team colluded with Russia to throw the 2016 election, Democrats have now decided to pivot to a slightly tweaked new narrative which suggests the President may actually be colluding with China instead.  As the Washington Examiner […]

Trump Says Trade With Japan Is Not Fair And Not Open – Awkward Moments Ensue

The first stage of Donald Trump’s five-nation tour of Asia began well with the President playing golf with Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, describing their relationship as “really extraordinary”. This suggested progress following the awkward moment during their previous meeting in February 2017. Abe was the first foreign leader Trump met after his election victory and […]

The Republican Trump Resistance Is Transforming Moderates Into Mavericks

Most observers of the American political discourse would probably agree that President Donald Trump is reshaping the Party of Lincoln in new and profound ways. Already, the president has dealt several stunning rebukes to the party’s establishment: from gatecrashing the Republican primary, to filling his administration with “Democrats” Like Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin, to […]

NYT Editor Slams Pence As “F**king Horrible”, Admits Reporters Tried To Sway Voters Against Trump

Via The Daily Caller, The newest Project Veritas video reveals a New York Times editor trashing Vice President Mike Pence as “f***ing horrible” and indicating that reporters wrote stories during the presidential campaign with the intention of persuading them to vote against Trump. “I think one of the things that maybe journalists were thinking about […]

Trump Doubles Down On Threat To Revoke Network News Licenses

Update (8:20 pm ET): Fresh off a rally in Pennsylvania where the president talked up the administration's tax reform plans, Trump has returned to twitter to round out a day of roasting NBC News by doubling down on his earlier assertion that the FCC should consider revoking the network's license(s). Of course, as one FCC […]

Trump Clarifies He Wants ‘Modernization’ Of Nuclear Arsenal, Rips “Disgusting” NBC

Update (2:40 pm ET): Defense Secretary James Mattis has come forward to vouche for his boss, telling the press that NBC's report is "absolutely false." In an unusual move, he published his denial in a terse statement. NEW: Unusual statement from SecDef Mattis, calling reports that Trump called for increase in nuclear arsenal "absolutely false" […]

Trump Threatens Withdrawal Of NBC Broadcast License After “Fake” Tenfold-Nuke Story

Update (10:10 am ET): Continuing the theme of attacking NBC for spreading "fake news" and hearsay, President Donald Trump in a tweet accused the network of making up yet another unflattering story about Trump and his relationships with his most senior advisers. He blasted NBC's report as a work of "pure fiction" invented "to demean." […]