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Downtown Charleston Under Water: Irma Flash Flood Emergency Declared

While Hurricane Irma, which was reclassified as a tropical storm early Monday, spared Miami from a “worst case” scenario, the former hurricane saved some of its worst storm surge impacts for northeast Florida, coastal Georgia, and South Carolina. A record water surge flooded downtown Jacksonville, leading the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood […]

Not Just Florida: Georgia And South Carolina Face “Catastrophic Storm Surge”

As Hurricane Irma looks to be hurdling straight for a direct hit on Southern Florida, meteorologists from Weather Underground are warning that the most devastating impacts of the storm could be felt much further north in towns along the coast of Georgia and South Carolina where the storm surge could be a catastrophic 20-28 feet […]

Barclays: “Hurricane Irma’s Insured Damage Could Be The Largest Ever”

Hurricane Harvey was supposed to be a “1 in a 1000” year storm, in terms of damage. Well, just a few days later we have another “monster” storm to account for, and according to Barclays’ analyst Jay Gelb, Hurricane Irma’s insured damage in Florida could equal that inflicted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Actually scratch […]