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Precious Metal Pounding Continues – Silver Now Red For 2017

Since Thanksgiving, precious metals have taken a beating (despite a collapse in speculative shorts). Today is no different as both are under pressure with silver now back in the red for 2017… The last two weeks have seen gold drop 3%, Silver down 7.5%, the dollar up around 0.75% and Bitcoin Soar 80%! But it […]

It’s 930amET, Do You Know Where Your Gold Slammer Is?

Right on time, a heavy volume seller struck the precious metals complex right as the US equity market opened…     Of course the real driver of this is the JPY-pair that is pumped higher to juice the equity open…   And Silver was slammed back below $17.00… http://WarMachines.com

A Golden Opportunity in 2018 Awaits as Distrust in Our Fiat Based System Accelerates

  A Golden Opportunity in 2018 Awaits as Distrust in Our Fiat Based System Accelerates Written by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money News       Americans prepare to sit down, feast and give thanks this weekend for what they have, who they have and the good blessing that they have enjoyed over the past year. […]

Doc Copper helping materials ETF’s breakout again

Many are of the opinion that what Doc Copper does, can send an important price message about the strength or of lack of in the overall economy. Doc Copper is important to keep a close eye and how Basic Materials stocks are performing can be important to keep aware of. Below looks at Basic Materials ETF (XLB) over the […]

Metals Massacre – Iron Ore Enters Bear Market, Copper Collapses To 1-Month Lows

The hype surrounding the credit-fueled resurgence in base metals in the first half of 2017 has crashed and burned on the altar of reality in China's slowdown with industrial metals from copper to iron ore and zinc all plunging in the last two weeks. Odd that we don't hear much from mainstream business media discussing […]

Precious Metals Flash-Crash After Silver Surged To 4-Month Highs, Gold Nears Election-Day Spike Highs

While stocks have been limping higher since around 2amET (following headlines on an imminent ICBM launch) they remain lower from Friday's close…   But precious metals the biggest gainers of post-North Korean "hydrogen bomb" testing safe haven flows.   Silver broke above resistance at early June highs to test $18 and the highest levels since […]

Gold Jumps, Dollar Dumps After Pitiful Payrolls

While the excuses are already flowing for the big miss in August’s payrolls, markets are reacting with currencies the biggest factor.   Yields are now unchanged…   The dollar dumped immediately and precious metals spiked, bond yields fell marginally and while Nasdaq jumped a little initially, stocks are now all modestly lower… http://WarMachines.com

“Something Strange Is Going On”: Axiom Stumbles On The Reason Behind The Explosive Industrial Metals Surge

While overnight equity, bond and FX markets traded in a narrow range as a result of scarce mid-summer liquidity, mounting Trump administration and geopolitical concerns and uncertainties ahead of Friday’s Jackson Hole symposium, the same can not be said about the latest “berserker” action in the commodity space in general, and industrial metals in particular, […]