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Misunderstanding The Economics Of Robotics

Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Robots are only cost-effective in the narrow niches of commoditized tasks. In the view of Universal Basic Income (UBI) advocates, substituting robots for human labor will not only free virtually all humans from working, it will also generate endless wealth because the robots will be doing almost […]

Buying Yen… A Truly Contrarian Call

Authord by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist, I am aware of all the doomsday Yen hyper-inflationary predictions due to their soaring debt-to-GDP ratio. And these Japanese bears very well might prove correct… In the long run. But as Mr. Keynes taught us, the long-run is an awfully long time. In the meantime, I think […]

Dialog Semi Crashes On Report Apple Will Use Its Own Power Chips

UK-based Dialog Semiconductor crashed as much as 17% following a Nikkei report that Apple will design its own power chips for use in iPhones as early as 2018, cutting dependence on Dialog “as it seeks to boost its semiconductor capabilities to better compete with rivals.” As the Nikkei adds, The main power management chip controls […]

Samsung CEO Steps Down Despite Record Profits, Warns Of “Unprecedented Crisis”

In a surprise move – and just months after the grandson of the company’s founder was jailed for corruption – the CEO of Samsung, Kwon Oh-hyun has resigned 'to make way for new leadership'. In an odd turn of events, despite record profits, Kwon warned the company faces an "unprecedented crisis." Kwon had emerged as […]