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One Angry Trader Rages…”Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong…Go Wrong…Go Wrong”

As stocks do things they have never done before (in terms of gains and complacency), despite the "inexplicable" collapse in the yield curve (and slump in earnigs expectations), some, like former fund manager Richard Breslow, are growing frustrated with the farce. 2017 is on track to be the first 'perfect year' with 12 consecutive monthly […]

Fed’s Kaplan Fears “Excessive Financial Imbalances”, Warns “We Are Vulnerable To Rapid Reversals”

Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan just went full 1996 Greenspan… In an esay designed to explain "A Balanced Approach to Monetary Policy", Kaplan included an ominous section pointing at the very significant bubbles that have been blow in recent years… Monitoring for Evidence of Building Imbalances As a central banker, I want to be vigilant […]

‘The Curious Case Of The Missing Defaults’ – Carmen Reinhart Fears What Happens Next

Authored by Carmen Reinhart via Project Syndicate, Usually, a sudden stop in capital inflows sparks a currency crash, sometimes a banking crisis, and quite often a sovereign default. Why, then, has the worldwide incidence of sovereign defaults in emerging markets risen only modestly? Booms and busts in international capital flows and commodity prices, as well […]

As Jackson Hole Ends, Here Is The Truth

The 2017 edition of the  Jackson Hole symposium is officially over, and while central bankers disappointed markets by not providing any insight into their views on monetary policy (assuming they have any) they instead focused on market stability, and patted themselves on the back for creating a fake “risk-free environment” (which they justify by the […]