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Who Will Win The Self-Driving Taxi Race?

Authored by Jon Lesage via OilPrice.com, Ride-hailing firms Uber and Lyft have become transportation platforms for automakers and tech giants to someday bring automated, electrified mobility to the mass market. It’s still years in the making, but both companies are gaining significant support during a year when it looked like Uber could be coming to […]

Brits Have Suddenly Stopped Buying Cars

British people have suddenly stopped buying cars and as BI's Jim Edwards notes, it's not clear why. As the following chart from Barclays shows, both new- and used-car sales have collapsed…   While the slump in consumer confidence remains a major factor… But as Edwards notes, a number of other factors are colliding simultaneously to […]

Uber Burned $600 Million In Q2: Key Results

With Uber once again in the media spotlight, following yesterday’s WSJ report that several mutual funds have – for the first time ever – cut their valuation of the world’s most valuable private company by up to 15%, and today’s lengthy Reuters expose questioning just what the company’s true value is, moments ago Uber’s Q2 […]