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“Somebody Screwed Up” – House Must Vote Again On Tax-Reform Plan After Procedural Snag

Update: In an interview with MSNBC's Chuck Todd, Louisiana Senator John Kennedy offered the most honest explanation yet for the Senate Parliamentarian finding that three provisions in the final Trump tax bill violate Senate budget rules – meaning that the House will need to hold another vote on the bill. "Somebody screwed up," Kennedy said. […]

House Must Vote Again On Tax-Reform Plan After Procedural Snag

In an embarassing reversal of what House Republicans had celebrated as a done deal, the House will need to vote again on the final version of the tax reform plan passed earlier this afternoon. The second vote is the result of a technicality in one of the bill's provisions. According to Bloomberg, the Senate parliamentarian […]

Tax Reform & The “Japanification” Of America

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, On Friday, Kevin Brady of the House Ways and Means Committee was on my radio program discussing the “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act” bill which was released later in the day. Here are the details of the release he referenced in the interview. Of course, the real question is how are […]

“This Is A Historic Event”: GOP Leaders Say Tax Reform Will Pass By Week’s End

After weeks of frenzied closed-door haggling, Republicans appear to be on the cusp of what could be the greatest legislative achievement of the Trump administration: Passing the first comprehensive tax reform plan since 1986. And on Sunday, Republican leaders reiterated that they had cobbled together the votes to push the reconciled version of the GOP […]

“All-In” On Tax Reform

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Review & Update In last week’s “Technically Speaking” post I discussed the S&P 500 hitting 2700 by Christmas. To wit: “As stated in the title, the current push higher puts 2700 in sight by the time Santa fills the ‘stockings hung by the chimney with care.’   As shown […]

Stocks Pop After Cornyn Suggests Tax Bill Deal “Possible” Today

Despite numerous headlines indicating a tax bill deal early next week, Republican Senator John Cornyn just told media that there "may be a tentative tax bill deal today." Algos liked the news and immediately bid stocks higher (despite no knowledge of what is in the 'deal'). “It’s possible,” John Cornyn, the No. 2 Senate Republican, tells […]

Republicans Reverse, May Allow State Income Tax Deduction

One day after the top Senate Republicans realized they probably should have read the tax bill they voted for in the deep of the night on Saturday morning, and announced they are seeking to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax they passed just days earlier, realizing it could punish growing companies, they now also appear to […]

House Set To Pass GOP Tax-Reform This Afternoon

Last night, Sen. Ron Johnson surprised the GOP Senate leadership by coming out against the republican tax plan "in its current form", the latest sign that the Republican push to pass comprehensive tax reform by New Year’s will struggle in the Senate. Still, that won’t stop the more Trump-friendly House of Representatives from passing their […]

Stocks Tank As Brady Confirms SALT Deductions Will Stay In House Bill

US equities just legged lower – led by tech-heavy Nasdaq – after Ways & Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady confirmed that The House Tax Bill will keep SALT deductions, implicitly lowering tax revenues (and thus a potentially smaller corporate tax cut). Nasdaq is leading the drop…   Apple most notably extended losses on the headline… […]

Senate Begins “Marking Up” Tax Reform Plan As Post-Thanksgiving Vote Looms

The House is expected to vote on and, hopefully, pass its tax reform package on Thursday, but the Senate’s plan still hasn’t made it out of committee. Luckily for the Trump administration – which badly needs this legislative victory to stave off a donor mutiny –  this could soon change: To wit, the Finance Committee […]

Here’s The Latest On The GOP Tax Bill As The Senate Starts Debate

Much like the Obamacare repeal and replace effort earlier this year, the past couple of weeks have been an invariable roller coaster ride for GOP representatives as Congressional leaders have tried to form some level of consensus within a fractured party with competing interests.   This week will undoubtedly be no different. In light of […]

Kevin Brady: “House Will Not Accept Total Elimination Of SALT Deduction”

Three days after the Senate Finance Committee shocked many of their colleagues in the House this week by unveiling a tax reform proposal that featured more than a few notable deviations from the House plan, Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” that he would not accept the total […]

Details Of ‘Simplified’ Senate Tax Bill Start To Leak: 7 Tax Brackets, Scraps All SALT Deductions

As the House tax bill hits the wires, leaked details of the Senate's tax bill are coming out… There will be 7 tax brackets – considerably more complex than the 3 brackets in the House bill Senate tax legislation will keep seven tax brackets but alter the rates, GOP Sen. John Hoeven tells reporters.   Hoeven says […]

Another Delay: Senate Won’t Release Tax Bill On Thursday As Mnuchin Admits Corp Tax Cut Delay Likely

Yesterday, the dollar slumped and yields dropped after a WaPo report claimed that the corporate tax cut could – the core piece of GOP tax reform – would be delayed by up to a year, a clear indication that there may be irreconcilable differences in the Senate regarding tax reform. Then, moments ago, Axios confirmed […]

Tax Bill Fiasco: Senate Considering 1 Year Corporate Tax Cut Delay; Dollar Slides

Suddenly Republican tax reform is looking deader than a doornail. According to the Washington Post, which cites “ four people familiar with a draft of the legislation ” not only is there little to no compromise on the way forward, but the only thing Senate Republicans leaders can agree on is to punt the centerpiece of […]