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Tokyo-Bound Flight U-Turns To LAX To Remove “Unauthorized Person” Due To “Mix Up”

An All Nippon Airways flight en route from Los Angeles to Tokyo was forced to turn around four hours into the eleven hour journey to remove an "unauthorized person" from the flight, angering passengers who were told by the airline that passenger had a ticket for another airline. A twitter user claiming to have been […]

Man Says “Russian Mind Control” Forced Him To Kill His Mother

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been blamed for a lot of nefarious actions lately. From swaying the US election in Donald Trump’s favor to orchestrating the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, paranoid Democrats have apparently convinced themselves that there’s no geopolitical disaster that Putin didn’t have a hand in. And now, one deranged Bakersfield, […]

Bridgewater Paid $1 Million To Settle Sexual Harassment Charge Against Former CEO

Embarrassing revelations about sexual harassment in the workplace continue to emerge in the media as the national conversation about sexual misconduct has spread from tech, to entertainment and media to the constantly surveilled halls of one of America’s most successful and most controversial hedge fund firms. In a report that further tarnishes the workplace culture […]