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Six Ways US Stocks Are The Most Overvalued In History

Submitted by Mish Shedlock US large cap stocks are the most overvalued in history. Let's investigate six ways. Crescat Capital claims US large cap stocks are the most overvalued in history, higher than prior speculative mania market peaks in 1929 and 2000. Their 25-page presentation makes a compelling case, with numerous charts. It's worth your […]

Bitcoin Collapse, Equity ‘Flash Crash’, & The Fed Loses Control: Saxo’s ‘Outrageous Predictions’ For 2018

Via Saxo Bank: We’ve delved deep again this year in penning our annual list of 10 Outrageous Predictions. As usual, we roam the world and ride roughshod over consensus in sniffing out these supposedly highly unlikely events with underappreciated potential – events that could have tremendous implications if they come to pass. Enjoy! 2017 was […]

European Stocks, US Futures Rise, Dollar Steady Ahead Of Powell Hearing, Tax Debate

US equity futures in the green ahead of critical Senate debate on US tax reform and a much anticipated testimony from Yellen replacement Jerome Powell for Fed’s current policy approach.  European stocks advance, led by oil and gas stocks after Shell fully restored its cash dividend and unveiled a bullish outlook. Asian shares slide despite […]

A Little-Known Indicator Sees VIX Soaring To 30

While not quite as damning as its 2018 credit forecast, Morgan Stanley’s chief equity strategist Michael Wilson released his 2018 equity outlook this morning, and unlike his last full year forecast which in retrospect was surprisingly accurate, is far more contained, if not outright pessimistic. Wilson himself is quick to remark on just how much […]

Chinese Stocks Plummet: Shanghai Tumbles Most In 17 Months As Bond Rout Spreads

The euphoria from the year-end melt up in Europe and the US failed to inspire Chinese traders, and overnight China markets suffered sharp losses, with the Shanghai Composite plunging 2.3%, its biggest one day drop since June 2016, over growing fears that the local bond rout is getting out of control. Both the tech-heavy Chinext […]

Goldman’s Clients Are Becoming Increasingly Schizophrenic

Last weekend, Goldman’s clients were nervous: after 16 months without a 5% pullback in stocks, they were afraid that a steep correction could take place at any moment. Today, they are just as afraid, but have no choice other than to remain invested and buy every dip, or as Goldman’s credit analyst Charles Himmelberg writes, […]

After 16 Months Without a 5% Market Pullback, Goldman’s Clients Want To Know Just One Thing

It’s confusing to be a Goldman clients these days. One month after the investment bank reported that its Bear Market Risk indicator had jumped to 67%, a level it hit most recently before the dot com bubble crash and just before the global financial crisis and prompted Goldman to ask “should we be worried now”… […]

Bearish Fund Traders Head For Early Hibernation

'Speculators' have never been so confidently complacent that 'all is well'. Speculative positioning in VIX futures and options remains at its most short in history as traders refuse to back away from 'what works' as realized volatility collapses to its lowest in over 60 years… And as Dana Lyons notes, assets in mutual funds designed […]

“Most Hated” Rally Getting Record Love

Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, A recent reading in one broad measure of consumer stock market sentiment was among the most bullish in history. Perma-bulls like to label this bull market the “most hated” in history. While the rally is historic by some metrics, the “most hated” status, to the degree that it was ever applicable, […]

Aramco IPO Could End OPEC Status Quo

Authored by Damir Kaletovic via OilPrice.com, Sources have told Reuters that the Saudi drive to get OPEC on board with production cuts last year – threatening to quit the bloc if members disagreed – was in part meant to maximize Aramco’s valuation with higher oil prices ahead of its planned IPO. An Aramco IPO changes […]

Euro Tumbles Ahead Of Yellen, Macron Speeches As Stocks Shake Off Korean Crisis

S&P futures are flat after Monday’s drop in the S&P 500 where a rout in Apple weighed on tech companies and tensions with North Korea persist; Asian stocks are modestly lower while Europe has shaken off the Korean crisis and is in the green on the back of a sharp drop in the EURUSD which […]

Draghi’s 4 QE Scenarios Unveiled As ECB’s Reuters “Trial Balloon” Strikes Again

In our concluding comments on the ECB’s disjointed message yesterday, in which Draghi feebly tried to talk down the EUR while talking up the European economy, and also hinting at the start of policy normalization but without actually doing so, in the process sending the EUR shooting higher, we said “And now that the market […]