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Frontrunning: November 7

U.S. Allies Fear Trump Will Pull a Nixon in China (WSJ) Partisan Tensions Flare as GOP Revises Tax Bill (BBG) Tax Overhaul Faces Major Hurdles (WSJ) Multinationals Scurry to Defuse House Tax Bill’s ‘Atomic Bomb’ (BBG) Parties Watch New Jersey, Virginia Votes for Wider Signals (WSJ) Trump Softens Tone on North Korea, Urges Deal on […]

Apple To Dump Qualcomm Chips As iPhone 8 Sales Collapse In China

The bitter legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm has escalated sharply overnight as the former designs out Qualcomm components from future products. According to the WSJ, Apple, locked in an intensifying legal fight with Qualcomm, is designing iPhones and iPads for next year that would jettison the chipmaker’s components. Apple is considering building the devices […]

Qualcomm Files Lawsuit Seeking To Ban Sale And Manufacture Of iPhones In China

Apple experienced a sudden air pocket dip (which was promptly bought) after a Bloomberg report that Qualcomm has filed lawsuits in China seeking to “ban the sale and manufacture of iPhones in the country,” a move which is the chipmaker’s biggest shot at Apple so far in a bitter legal fight between the two companies. […]

Report: Tesla And AMD Developing Custom AI Chip For Self-Driving Technology

Content originally published at iBankCoin.com Shares of AMD ($AMD) spiked over 6 percent in after hours trade following a CNBC report that carmaker Tesla has teamed up with the chip maker develop a custom A.I. processor for self-driving technology. The carmaker has received the first batch of samples from the chipmaker, a source told CNBC. The new relationship with […]

Intel CEO Resigns From Trump Manufacturing Council Over “Divided Political Climate”

The CEOs on President Trump's Manufacturing Council are dropping like flies as they realize, one by one, this weekend's media mayhem surrounding Trump's comments about the chaos in Charlotteville is the perfect excuse to detach from the Trump bandwagon. Following Merck's Ken Frazier and Under Armour's Kevin Plank, Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich chose to resign […]