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BIS Finds Global Debt May Be Underreported By $14 Trillion

In its latest annual summary published at the end of June, the IIF found that total nominal global debt had risen to a new all time high of $217 trillion, or 327% of global GDP… … largely as a result of an unprecedented increase in emerging market leverage. While the continued growth in debt in […]

Is Google Coming For Your Cryptos

Authored by Tom Luongo via TomLuongo.me, The big boys, Apple and Google, are now actively developing a payment API for cryptos to use within their browsers.  This is a double-edged sword and possibly indicates a shift in tax policy. I don’t trust either Apple or Google at all.  The news from Coindesk about Apple and […]

Four American Tourists Attacked With Acid In Marseilles Train Station, Suspect Arrested

Four young female U.S. tourists were attacked with acid Sunday in the French city of Marseille by a woman with “deep psychological problems” who has been arrested, the Marseille prosecutor’s office said according to AP.  The attack took place shortly after 11am at the Gare de Marseille-Saint-Charles station, where the party from the US was […]

Protesters Smash Windows, Throw Bricks At Cops In Second Night Of St. Louis Violence

For the second consecutive night, peaceful daytime protests descended into late-night violence with broken windows and thrown rocks, water bottles and garbage can lids following Friday’s acquittal of a white former police officer in the shooting death of a black suspect. A small group of demonstrators refused to disperse, breaking windows at dozens of businesses […]

Ex-CIA Head Proposed Law That Would Make Reading Leaked Material A Crime

By Emma Best of Muckrock      "We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”      – William Casey, 13th CIA Director    Just months before the government’s first successful use of the Espionage Act against someone for leaking to the media, a declassified report written by then-CIA […]

Why Quantitative Easing In The Eurozone Will Be Extended

The staff of the European Central Bank has now released the new macro-economic projections for the Eurozone and whilst the introduction sounds optimistic about an ever-increasing GDP and a relatively stable GDP growth rate, reading between the lines suggests we could see an extended Quantitative Easing program. The ECB is probably correct when it claims […]

The Gentleman’s Guide to Self-Defense Part 4: Inexpensive Self-Defense Tools

Preface: Also take a look at the BulletProof Shirt and Knife-Resistant Clothing.   Here's a quick round-up of inexpensive but effective self-defense tools …   Hoffner Folding Knife In many "blue" states like mine, it's illegal to carry switchblades or even assisted-opening knives … A reader suggested a Hoffner knife. Made by a top firearm […]

The Russia-China Plan For North Korea: Stability & Connectivity

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, Moscow has been busy building agreements that would extend Eurasian connectivity eastward. The question is how to convince the DPRK to play along… Chinese President Xi Jinping (centre) and his wife Peng Liyuan welcome Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of a banquet dinner during the BRICS Summit […]

North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Could Trigger “Supervolcano” Eruption

After North Korea’s latest nuclear test, scientists are worried that more underground explosions in the isolated country’s rocky north could set the stage for a deadly volcanic eruption not unlike the one that NASA fears could be brewing in the Yellowstone caldera. Following the North’s sixth nuclear test, which produced a blast that, by some […]

The Race For Deir Ezzor: Russian Jets Strike US-Backed Forces In Syria

One week ago we wrote that in “The Race For Deir Ezzor: US And Syrian Forces Are About To Collide“, explaining that “as ISIS continues to rapidly collapse in its last two strongholds (Raqqa and Deir Ezzor cities), the competition for recovery of territory seems in full gear between the US-SDF and Syria-Russia alliances.” More […]

Goldman’s Bear Market Indicator Shows Crash Dead Ahead, Asks “Should We Be Worried?”

On Thursday, just as the S&P hit its latest all time high, the broad US equity index surpassed the 266% increase recorded during the 1949 to 1956 bull market from its March 2009 "generational lows", in the process becoming the 3rd strongest bull market – artificial and central bank-driven as it may be – in […]

How Does Your State Measure Up On Student Free Speech?

Authored by Casey Mattox via Alliance Defending Freedom, More than four decades ago, the Supreme Court made it clear that public college students do not sacrifice their constitutional rights when they arrive on campus, finding “no room for the view that … First Amendment protections should apply with less force on college campuses than in […]

Here’s What Your Identity Sells For On The Dark Web

Millions of Americans who trusted Equifax with sensitive personal and financial data, including social security numbers and credit-card information, are now nervously wondering whether they will be among the unlucky minority of affected customers whose identities are successfully “repurposed” by online criminal groups. One researcher from security firm SecureWorks shared some details about today’s burgeoning […]

The 30 US Metros With The Highest And Lowest Incomes

Authored by Wolf Richter via WolfStreet.com, Breath-taking differences in a vast country. The Census Bureau released another data trove this week for 2016, based on the American Community Survey. Among many other data points, the survey details median household incomes by geographic location, such as by metro area, county, or state. And they show just […]

S&P On The Verge Of History

U.S. stocks have risen more in the past eight years than in almost any other post-World War II time of economic growth, as defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research. The logic here is that economic expansions fuel bull markets and so it’s reasonable to measure market recoveries after a period of macro contraction […]