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Syrian War For Dummies – Three Versions

As the Ghouta campaign continues to unfold, we should expect that both politicians and mainstream media will give us – in the words of philosopher and theologian Reinhold Niebuhr – “necessary illusion and emotionally potent oversimplifications” intended to shape our perceptions of events. It goes without saying that such “emotionally potent oversimplifications” on Syria have formed […]

Male Democrat PAC Operative Arrested For Assaulting Female Trump Admin Official

U.S. Capitol Police have arrested a Democrat staffer from the American Bridge political action committee (PAC) on Thursday for assaulting a female Interior Department communications official after a House budget hearing. The suspect, whose name is currently withheld, reportedly shoved the woman to the ground while chasing down Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke following his testimony to the […]

California Teacher Placed On Leave For Daring To Question School Walkout

Authored by Jay Syrmopoulos via TruthInMedia.com, California high school history teacher Julianne Benzel is on paid suspension after engaging her students in a discussion where she shared her perspective on the politics of organized protests in anticipation of the National School Walkout, which took place on the morning of March 14. “We had a dialogue […]

Fordham Protesters Accuse Conservatives Of “White Supremacy” (For Buying Coffee)

Authored by Sandor Farkas via Campus Reform, Fordham University students protested against “white supremacy” Monday, specifically citing an incident in which conservative students tried to buy coffee while wearing MAGA gear. Fordham Students United (FSU), “an intersectional coalition of student leaders, activists, faculty & alumni,” staged the March 12 protest in an effort to “bring social […]

Widely Reported Haspel CIA Torture Claim Was Fake News; Retracted By ProPublica

Virtually the entire media complex megaphoned a 2017 report by Soros-backed news outlet ProPublica, and to a lesser extent a similar report in the New York Times, claiming that Trump’s new pick to lead the CIA, Gina Haspel, oversaw a “clandestine base” in Thailand where she participated in, and mocked the torture of suspected al-Qaida leader Abu Zubaydah.  […]

The Return Of Haim Bodek – HFT’s First Whistleblower

Via Themis Trading blog, Do you remember Haim Bodek?   We first wrote about Haim back in October 2012 in a post titled “Who is Haim Bodek?”.  Haim was the first whistleblower to expose how a major stock exchange (Direct Edge) created an order type (Hide Not Slide) that provided HFT firms with unfair advantages that propelled them to the exchanges’ best prices […]

Bitcoin: Bubble Or Hyperdeflation?

Bitcoin flew too close to the sun. Now the eyes of the world are upon the crypto market, with all the consequences that follow… “30th anniversary of Black Monday, when markets dropped 23% in a day. In crypto we just call that Monday.” – Alexander Tapscott But, as Incrementum’s Demelza Hays and Mark J. Valek […]

Facebook Forced To Apologize After “Video Of…” Autocomplete Search Result Stuns Users

Facebook has been forced to apologize after it spent hours suggesting bizarre, disturbing, and upsetting searches to users on Thursday night. Typing “video of” into the Facebook search bar yielded disturbing results… Multiple users posted examples on Twitter, with the site proposing searches including “video of girl sucking dick under water”, “videos of sexuals” and “video of little […]