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A Look At Which Students Are Most Likely To Default On Their Student Debt

Since the early 2000’s the amount of student debt outstanding has grown exponentially, along with annual tuitions, and now stands at nearly $1.5 trillion.  Moreover, and not terribly surprisingly, defaults on that growing mountain of student debt have also surged as graduating students quickly discover that they just dropped $200,000 on a near-zero ROIC investment. […]

Slumping College Enrollment Signals Americans Are No Longer Buying The College Lie

Authored by Keli'i Akina via TheHill.com, For decades, teachers and parents around the country have been repeating the same message to children: “To have a bright future, you need to go to college.” But now, in Hawaii at least, it’s starting to look like the younger generation isn’t buying it. Across the state, University of […]