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To Avoid Liquidation Panic, HNA Assures Deutsche Shareholders It’s A “Long-Term Investor”

The notoriously acquisitive Chinese conglomerate HNA – which recently had a sharp falling out with Beijing resulting in a margin call "shocksave" – is facing a serious cash crunch in 2018 as nearly a quarter of its $100 billion in debt – a large chunk of which was accumulated during a multi-year buying spree that […]

Oil Rally Threatened As China Reportedly Offers To Buy Aramco Stake Directly

Amid confusion over whether the massive Saudi Aramco IPO is on hold until 2019, or permanently shelved in favor of a private placement, Reuters suggests the latter is now more likely as 'sources familiar with the matter' say China is offering to buy up to 5 percent of Aramco directly (offering the Saudis the lack […]

Chinese Shares Surge As Beijing “Plunge Protection Team” Boosts Stock Holdings

Having repeatedly met with resistance around 3,300, over the past week China’s Shanghai Composite finally broke out, and overnight rose another 0.9% to 3,362.65, its highest level since December 2015, following a sharp move higher in both the Chinext small-caps index, but mostly due to a spike in Chinese broker stocks. There have been various […]