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ECB Keeps Rates Unchanged, Sees Current Policy Stance “Contributing To Favorable Liquidity Conditions”

As expected, there was little surprise in the ECB monetary policy decision, which kept all three key ECB rates unchanged, and which announced that rates will “remain at their present levels for an extended period of time, and well past the horizon of the net asset purchases.” As it unveiled before, QE will run at […]

ECB Announces Dovish €30 Billion QE Taper Through September 2018 “Or Beyond”; Euro Tumbles

While the ECB kept all of its three key rates unchanged as expected, and also kept the pace of QE at €60 billion until the end of the year, confirming the numerous trial balloons overthe past month, the ECB announced that it would cut the rate of QE in half, to €30 billion “from January […]

Weekend Reading: The “Real” Vampire Squid

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, First, it was Hurricane “Harvey” and an expected $180 billion in damages to the Texas coastline. Now, “Irma” is speeding her way to the Florida coastline dragging “Jose” in her wake. Those two hurricanes, depending on where they land will send damages higher by another $100 billion or more […]

Watch Live: Mario Draghi Explains How Great Europe’s Doing (& Why You Should Sell The Euro)

The last few weeks have seen anescalation in the leaks and comments aimed at jawboning the Euro lower, despite crowing about the success of The ECB's program to save the EU and its inability to decide whether 'enough is enough' for 'whatever it takes' policy. A day after Europe's largest commercial bank tells him to […]