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Demand Slides For 2Y Treasuries As Yield Surges To Highest Since Sept 2008

The last time the yield on a 2-Year TSY auction was as high as it was today – 1.922% to be specific, tailing the When Issued 1.899% by 0.3bps – was just a few days after Lehman Brothers failed, with one difference: back then it was sliding, while now the rate on 2Y paper is […]

Bid To Cover Tumbles In Ugly, Tailing 7 Year Auction

After two mediocre, tailing auctions, moments ago the Treasury sold $28 billion in 7 year paper in this week’s final bond issuance and it was the ugliest of all. Stopping at a high yield of 2.28%, this was a tail of 0.8bps – the first since July – to the 2.272% When Issued and the […]

Soaring Foreign Demand For Strong, Stopping Through 10Y Auction

Just 90 minutes after today’s strong 3Y auction, moments ago the Treasury sold $20 billion in a 10Y reopening of Cusip 2R0, which saw nothing short of blistering demand at both the close and through the internals. The high yield of 2.346% stopped through the When Issued by 0.2bps, or 2.348%, the first non-tailing 10Y […]

“Tremendous” Demand For 7Y Treasurys; Second Largest Buyside On Record

An ugly 2Y auction (with the highest yield since 2008) on Tuesday, a mediocre 5Y auction yesterday, and now a blistering 7Y auction, in which the Treasury sold $28 billion in “curve belly” notes at a high yield of 2.13%, stopping through the When Issued by a surprisingly strong 1.1bps, the highest since April. As […]

Treasury Sells 5Y Paper At Highest Yield Since March

Unlike yesterday’s ugly 2Y auction which printed at the highest yield since October 2008, the just concluded sale of $34 billion in 5 Y paper was solid if uneventful, stopping on the screws with the When Issued at 1.911%, the highest yield since March 2017. Non-comps were $103.9 million, up from $92.0 million last month. […]