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Housing Bubble 2.0: All-Cash Offers Increasingly Required To Compete In Overheating Markets

Back in 2005, anyone with a modest amount of startup capital and a dream could become a millionaire flipping houses.  The complete disregard for the underlying risk building up in what was later exposed as one of the biggest pricing bubbles in history resulted in investors dominating a market that had previously been reserved for […]

Housing Bubble 2.0: Here Are The Zip Codes Where 1 In 4 Home Sales Are Flips

ATTOM Data Solutions today released its Q2 2017 U.S. Home Flipping Report which reveals that residential home flippers, the same speculative crew that nearly blew up the entire global financial system in 2008, are now making more money than ever.  In fact, in 2Q the average flipped house generated gross profits of $67,516 which is […]

There’s Literally A ‘Token’ Called “Fuck” That’s Up 370% In The Last 24 Hours

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, I vividly remember having a conversation several years ago with a woman about her real estate investments in the United States. It must have been around 2005 or 2006… the peak of the property bubble. She was a psychologist from somewhere in the midwest, telling me about how she […]

The New American Dream: Rent Your Home From A Hedge Fund

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, About a month ago I joined the Board of Directors of a publicly-traded company that invests in US real estate. The position brings a lot of insight into what’s happening in the US housing market. And from what I’m seeing, the transformation that’s taking place today is extraordinary. Buying […]