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Millionaire Heiress Crusades Against Freedom to Spend Your Own Money

Via The Daily Bell In response to the tax bill which will lead to a lot more money in her pocket, Abigail Disney, heiress to the Walt Disney Company fortune, said she would be donating that tax break to a worthy cause of her choosing. No, wait. That’s not it at all. She got in […]

Star Wars For The Splitting Soul Of America

Via GEFIRA, The last episode of the successful movie – Star Wars – is actually a lot less about the stars in space and much more about culture and class. Most importantly, it reflects the dangerously growing disenfranchisement of the race-and-gender obsessed liberal upper class and everyone else. The movie finally came out, the money […]

So Which Is It?

(As a reminder, you can get free, real-time crypto charts in SlopeCharts). Forty thousand dollars per bitcoin. One hundred thousand. Three hundred thousand. The predictions are as numerous as the people making them. I don’t pretend to know which one is going to be reality, and neither should anyone else. I do find the simplified presentation […]

This Is The Core Problem Facing Every Investor Today

Authored by Ben Hunt via Epsilon Theory blog, The Three-Body Problem As much as I dislike the chickens on our farm, I love my bees. Do they sting? Of course they sting. The swarm is a wild animal. But after a few painful years I’m no longer a ham-handed goofball with my hives, and a […]

Wall Street Gunfighter: A Serial Novel. #1

  Wall Street Gunfighter A Serial Novel   Chapter One The Rocky Mountain Ride is an annual opportunity for about a hundred of the wealthier men in America to spend more than a week on horseback enjoying the cool mountain air and campfire conversation.   Stetson, O’Farrell, and Resistol hats sit on the heads of Wall Street […]

The 10 “Grey Swans” Events For 2018

One of the traditional push backs against attempts to predict “black swan” events is that they are by default unpredictable, rendering the entire exercise moot. However, for the second year in a row, Nomura’s Bilal Hafeez has found a loophole, or rather loop-animal: the grey swan. As Hafeez writes, while he would like to be […]

Doug Casey On What Happens After The Next 9/11

Authored by Doug Casey via InternationalMan.com, Is a police state in the US possible? Absolutely. That’s because people are essentially the same the world over, regardless of their culture, religion, race, or what-have-you. A certain percentage of them are sociopaths. There is a standard distribution of sociopaths across time and space. It’s a function of […]

Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Threatened Her Life: “I Will Kill You, Don’t Think I Can’t”

Content originally published at iBankCoin.com Actress Salma Hayek has penned a chilling essay in the New York Times claiming Harvey Weinstein threatened to kill her in a terrifying “attack of fury.”  “…with every refusal came Harvey’s Machiavellian rage. I don’t think he hated anything more than the word “no.” The absurdity of his demands went from getting […]

It’s Time To Rethink Education – Part 1 (Indoctrination)

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.– Mark Twain As a father of two young children, my thoughts have increasingly started to center around their young lives and the future world they’ll inhabit. Such considerations quickly lead to stressful questions such as, what are the best schools […]

Hollywood Movie Director’s “Outlandish” London Home For Rent – Take The Tour

If you haven’t heard of Roland Emmerich, you will almost certainly have heard of some of his movies. Emmerich is the 62-year old German who directed Universal Soldier (1992), Independence Day (1996), Godzilla (1998), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), White House Down (2013) and Independence Day: Resurgence (2016). He is the 11-th highest grossing director […]

Kunstler: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com, Whipping Post Politics Charlie Rose skulked offstage like a punch-drunk palooka with barely a whimper, and Matt Lauer offered up the now laughably pro forma press release of bathetic apology and contrition  – no doubt micro-managed by his attorneys. But the hit on Garrison Keilor by his old […]

Mike Krieger Warns “The Generational Wheels Are Turning”

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, “The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.” — Oren Harari If you only read my stuff sporadically, you might be surprised to hear that I’m actually quite optimistic about the future. The main reason I compose articles highlighting all the frauds, corruption and […]

Head Of Animation At Disney Takes Leave Of Absence For “Grabbing, Kissing Missteps”

Hollywood’s sexual predator class is falling like dominos. The latest casualty in the sexual harassment blowback appears to be Disney Animation head John Lasseter, who according to the Hollywood Reporter is taking a leave of absence from Pixar after acknowledging “painful” conversations & “missteps,” he disclosed in a memo to staff Tuesday. John Lasseter Lasseter […]

Former Obama Admin Official Offers To Buy Weinstein Co. For $275 Million

One former Obama administration official is trying to engineer a feminist takeover of Weinstein Co., the embattled “mini-major” Hollywood studio that has been spiraling toward bankruptcy since one of its founders, Harvey Weinstein, was exposed for a decades long history of sexual harassment and assault. According to Reuters, Maria Contreras-Sweet, the former head of the […]