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SocGen Thinks Emerging Markets Are Breaking Down: Here’s Why

With Goldman Sachs publishing at least one, and in most cases two or more weekly reports urging its clients to keep pouring capital into emerging market assets, whether equities, bonds or FX, it is no surprise that Emerging Markets remain the big winners in 2017, up 10% points more than developed this year. However, as […]

Emerging Markets about to “Sub-Merge?”

Year to date, Emerging markets (EEM) have lived up to their name, as they have emerged to gain much more than the S&P 500. Of late, EEM was up nearly twice that of the S&P 500 this year. (See YTD performance below)- CLICK ON CHART TO ENLARGE Below looks at EEM over the past 8-years and how an important […]

Tech Wreck Hits Asia – TATS Turmoil After FANG Flush

While FANGs cratered in US markets, the turmoil in tech stocks has spread to AsiaPac with Hong Kong down hard as TATS tumble to one-month lows at the open… Asia's "FANG"  equivalent – accounting for 16% of MSCI Emerging Market Stock index is TATS – Taiwan Semi, Alibaba, Tecent, and Samsung… All four names are […]

Goldman Reveals Its Top Trade Recommendations For 2018

It’s that time of the year again when with just a few weeks left in the year, Goldman unveils its top trade recommendations for the year ahead. And while Goldman’s Top trades for 2016 was an abysmal disaster, with the bank getting stopped out with a loss on virtually all trade recos within weeks after […]

Here Is The IMF’s Global Financial Crash Scenario

Hidden almost all the way in the end of the first chapter of the IMF’s latest Financial Stability Report, is a surprisingly candid discussion on the topic of whether “Rising Medium-Term Vulnerabilities Could Derail the Global Recovery”, which is a politically correct way of saying is the financial system on the verge of crashing. In […]

Another Bear Capitulates: “Dude, Where’s My Emerging-Market Contagion?”

Just a few days Bloomberg’s macro commentator Richard Breslow once again capitulated to this market which just refuses to post even the smallest downtick as it enters its blow off top phase, saying it is a bubble, but you have no choice but to buy it, it is now that other ex-Lehman trader and Bloomberg […]

Why One Trader Thinks The Turkish Crash Will Lead To EM Contagion

Yesterday when we discussed the dramatic crash in the Turkish lira, resulting from the visa suspension drama at both Turkish and US consulates, we noted that “this is the currency’s seventh consecutive decline, after dropping on Friday amid concern Fed tightening would hurt EM currencies, and should it persist may finally have an adverse impact […]

“Emerging Markets May Be Suddenly Hit On Multiple Fronts At Once”, Trader Warns

With emerging markets the best performing conventional asset class in 2017 by a wide margin (excluding cryptocurrencies of course), with a total return of nearly 50% YTD, performance not seen since 2009… … Bloomberg macro strategist and commentator Mark Cudmore warns that we are now entering dangerous territory for Emerging-market whose “assets may be suddenly […]