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Has The Deep State Intiated Operation Distraction – Episode 1498

Click On Picture To See Larger Picture JcPenny cutting 670 jobs, closing distribution center. Retail sales implode as data is being revised. Mortgage rates increase which pushes many individuals out of the housing market, mortgage applications decline. Whistleblower reports that the VIX might be manipulated. More states decide to pass laws allowing people to use […]

The Wet Work Continues, Russian Plane Crash Might Not Have Been An Accident – Episode 1496

Click On Picture To See Larger Picture The Brexit has reached a point of no return and the negotiations might run up to the deadline. Amazon decides to layoff employees in the Seattle corporate office. Trump unveils his infrastructure plan, this is to prepare the US for the transition, spend the fiat currency before it […]

Financial Pundits Are Calling It, They Are Saying Expect The Crash – Episode 1494

Click On Picture To See Larger Picture The central banks are now making there move against the cryptocurrencies, they know they can’t control it so they are demonizing it.The economy continues to deteriorate, and the market it fluctuating up and down. The two factions are fighting it out via the market. Financial pundits are saying […]