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“$1MM Per Minute In Salaries, $22BN Per Year In Vacation Pay” And Other Fun Facts About The Federal Workforce

The folks at Open The Books decided to take a deep dive into the salaries of 1.97 million federal employees, using data collected from the Office Of Personnel Management and the USPS via FOIA requests, and the endless examples of excessive pay and pure waste are sure to make you sick, if not downright suicidal.  […]

The US Government Lost Nearly $1 Trillion In FY2017… Again!

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, There was a time, centuries ago, that France was the dominant superpower in the world. They had it all. Overseas colonies. An enormous military. Social welfare programs like public hospitals and beautiful monuments. Most of it was financed by debt. France, like most superpowers before (and after), felt entitled […]