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Yuan Tumbles After Beijing Gives Speculators Green Light To Short The Currency

And now, Trump finally has reason to be angry with China for intervening in its currency to manipulate it lower, not higher. * * * After the biggest weekly surge in the Yuan on record, the first sign that Beijing had had enough of the relentless surge in the currency was unveiled overnight, when according […]

Bitcoin Crashes On Massive Volume As China Plans To Shut Local Exchanges

Having bounced back dramatically from the 20% plunge following China's ban of ICOs, Bitcoin is getting battered again this morning on very heavy volume as Caixin reports Chinese authorities plan to shut local Bitcoin exchanges. The supervisory authority has decided to close the exchange of virtual currency in China , which involves all the currencies […]

The 1% Has Started To Embrace Bitcoin – Why It Matters

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Other than widespread fascination over its meteoric price rise, much of the discussion around Bitcoin in 2017 has revolved around questions over the future direction of the protocol, most specifically the highly charged scaling debate and the implementation of SegWit. With the forthcoming fight over the 2x […]

Crashing Dollar Sends European Stocks, US Futures Reeling; Yuan Has Best Week On Record

European stocks dropped, Asian and EM market rose, and S&P were lower by 0.3% as investors assessed the latest overnight carnage in the USD which plunged to the lowest level since the start of 2015, sending the USDJPY tumbling to 107, the euro extending gains to just shy of $1.21 and a slowdown in China’s […]

Dollar Bloodbath Continues Across Asia, Gold Tops Election-Night Spike Highs

Having plunged by the most in 6 months during the US day session, the dollar is continuing to get pounded across AsiaPac with Hong Kong Dollar and Yuan surging. Gold is extending gains, breaking above the spike highs from election night… The Dollar Index is in free fall…This is the 7th straight down day for […]

China Capitulation: Corriente Advisors’ Mark Hart Ends 7-Year Bet On A “Massive Yuan Devaluation”

China bears like Kyle Bass claimed victory last year after bets that the Chinese yuan would weaken paid off handsomely – particularly if they were supercharged by leverage. Hopefully, for their sake, yuan decided to lock in those gains early this year. Because since January, China’s currency has whipsawed higher, reversing most of its 2016 […]

Euro Slides After ECB Releases FX Forecasts Topping At 1.18 In 2019

Having concluded that Draghi’s speech was on the margin dovish, not least of all due to Draghi’s parting shot at Euro bulls, saying that “nothing will derail ECB’s will to deliver inflation”, a refreshed version of “Whatever it takes”, the EURUSD has since slumped from session highs, and was back under 1.20, in fact filling […]

EUR Surges, Bund Yields Tumble As Draghi Sends Conflicting Messages

After a kneejerk move lower in the Euro, tumbling briefly as low as 1.1930 when Mario Draghi made an explicit reference to the strength of the Euro in his prepared remarks, stating that “the recent volatility in the exchange rate represents a source of uncertainty which requires monitoring with regard to its possible implications for […]

EURUSD Dumps’n’Pumps After ECB QE Decision Delay, Inflation Cut Leaks Reported

Last week Reuters provided the outlet for leaked comments from The ECB (regarding QE) that sparked chaos in EURUSD. This week it is Bloomber who reports sources suggesting The ECB will cut inflation outlooks (pouring cold water on Draghi's "reflationary forces" hoopla) and seemingly confirming The ECB will kick the can on the decision to […]

The Canadian Cointoss: Bank Of Canada Monetary Policy Decision Preview

From RanSquawk The majority expects the BoC to leave its overnight rate unchanged at 0.75%. Only 6 of 33 surveyed expect the BoC to hike this time out, while the OIS curve prices in a 45% chance of a hike. A strong Q2 GDP release and the ensuing solid handover to Q3 has put a […]

Bitcoin: Now Accepted As Down Payment For UK Houses

A UK co-living company has announced that it will begin accepting down payments made in bitcoin, according to CoinTelegraph, making it that much easier for traders hooked on effortless, outstanding returns to speculate in another bubble-prone market: UK housing. Co-living pioneer The Collective announced the decision on Tuesday, saying it’s the first developer that will […]

The Three Faces Of Bitcoin

After plunging 20% in the last few days from its $5000 highs – following China's ICO ban, Bitcoin has bounced back to $440 today amid global turmoil… As SHTFplan.com reported earlier, Rick Rule, the billionaire Chief Executive Officer of Sprott Global Resources, noted in his recent interview with Crush The Street: Bitcoin to me is all positive… […]

What Share Of Bond Markets Do Central Banks Own: Deutsche Bank Answers

With the latest ECB statement due out in just two days, traders are curious to see how Mario Draghi will escape from the trap in which the European central bank has found itself: on one hand, seeking to temper the recent dramatic rise in the Euro, on the other running out of QE eligible private-sector […]

ALERT: Explosive ICO market deserves a closer look – 13 Billion hiding in the Blockchain

(GLOBALINTELHUB.COM) — 9/3/2017 We’ve been inundated with comments and questions about Crypto since the Bitcoin surge higher, caused interestingly by Fidelity.  Elite E Services is not really interested in Cryptocurrencies but as an FX technology developer and consultant for 15 years, that gives us an advantage in a space filled with unregulated clowns (mostly).  Our perspective […]