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White House Moves To Formally Reverse Obama-Era Detente With Cuba

After months of blustery rhetoric and half measures, the White House is finally taking steps to undo another one of former President Barack Obama’s legacy-defining foreign-policy accomplishments. The Washington Post reports that, in a landmark ruling, the Trump administration is reversing some of Obama detente with Cuba by cracking down on travel and business with […]

Trump Administration Will Defend Cuba Embargo In Symbolic UN Vote

A series of mysterious sonic attacks on US diplomatic personnel (and more than a few spies) working at Washington’s Havana embassy have provided ample justification for the White House to reverse the US-Cuba detente negotiated by the Obama administration. And in a gesture that – though it has no implications for policy – is considered […]

The Black Market: The Embryonic Free Market

The Black Market: The Embryonic Free Market Posted with permission and written by Jeff Thomas, Casey Research International Man & SWP Cayman   In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed five Cubas.   Pre-Revolution, 1952-1958 In the 1950’s, the Cuban people suffered under great oppression from its military dictator, Fulgencio Batista. The great majority of Cubans at […]

US Expels 15 Cuban Diplomats In Retaliation For Mystery “Health Attack”

As previewed last night, when we reported that the US government would expel as many as 60% of Cuba’s Washington Embassy staff, on Tuesday morning the Trump administration announced Tuesday it will expel 15 Cuban diplomats from the U.S. in response to months of mysterious “health attacks” that have affected American personnel in Havana. The […]

US Plans To Expel 60% Of Cuba’s Washington Embassy Staff

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. In the interest of maintaining diplomatic “parity” between the US and Cuba, the Trump administration is reportedly planning to ask the Cuban government to reduce the staff at its embassy in Washington by 60% following last week’s announcement that the US planned to recall two-thirds of its […]

Mysterious Cuban ‘Sonic Attacks’ Targeted US Spies

Just days after the Associated Press reported that the State Department planned to withdraw most of its personnel from the Cuban embassy in Havana, the wire service is returning with another revelatory scoop about the mysterious “sonic attacks” that have caused injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening in 21 embassy personnel: Many of the diplomats […]

US Orders 60% Of Havana Embassy Staff To Leave After Wave Of Mysterious ‘Sonic Attacks’

Senior U.S. officials have told the Associated Press that the U.S. is pulling roughly 60% of its staff out of Cuba and warning American travelers not to visit due to "specific attacks" that have harmed U.S. diplomats – namely the unspecified sonic attacks that have caused injuries ranging from mild to severe in more than […]

This Is What $100 Buys You In Venezuela

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, The gunfire on the streets near my hotel started around 9pm last night. The sound is unmistakable, especially at night on an otherwise quiet city street. I had recently returned to the hotel after a few evening meetings. And coming back after dark it was as if they had […]

Damning Evidence Cuba Launched A Sci-Fi Weapon At US Diplomats

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, They mostly come at night – the attacks from Cuba. Mostly. And many victims never noticed anything odd while others noticed a strange vibration or sound. It all started in the fall of 2016. Several of the affected diplomats were recent arrivals at the embassy, which reopened in 2015 […]

US “Evaluating Shuttering Cuba Embassy” After Unexplained Sonic Attacks, Tillerson Says

With the total number of Americans affected by a potential ‘sonic attack’ in Cuba now reaching 21, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the Trump administration is considering closing down the U.S. Embassy in Havana following unexplained incidents harming the health of American diplomats. As one former CIA official says: “It’s just mystery after […]

New Details Emerge In Mysterious Cuba ‘Sonic Attacks’ Involving US Diplomats

More details are beginning to emerge about the mysterious “sonic attacks” that have afflicted nearly two dozen American diplomats – and a handful of Canadians – serving in Havana. The bizarre attacks, which somehow managed to slip beneath the mainstream media radar until August when CBS published a report about the phenomenon, were first documented […]

2 More Americans Affected By Mysterious ‘Sonic Attacks’ In Cuba

Late last year, reports began surfacing that US diplomatic personnel in Cuba were beginning to experience strange and inexplicable symptoms including dizziness, nausea, memory lapses, difficulty hearing and loss of balance. Initial reports attributed the symptoms to a “acoustic attack,” but neglected to provide any salient details about the specific nature of the attacks, or […]

Irma Death Toll Climbs To 11 As Storm Surges Flood Charleston And Savannah

The National Hurricane Center downgraded Irma to a Tropical Depression late Monday night, but even in its weakened state, the storm continues to cause deadly storm surges and volatile winds as it travels through Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, flooding downtown Charleston, South Carolina and uprooting trees in Atlanta, according to CNN. Meanwhile, authorities have […]

Downtown Charleston Under Water: Irma Flash Flood Emergency Declared

While Hurricane Irma, which was reclassified as a tropical storm early Monday, spared Miami from a “worst case” scenario, the former hurricane saved some of its worst storm surge impacts for northeast Florida, coastal Georgia, and South Carolina. A record water surge flooded downtown Jacksonville, leading the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood […]

Mystery Deepens After US Confirms 16 Diplomats Suffered “Traumatic Brain Injury” In Cuban ‘Sonic Attack’

One of the most bizarre stories this week took a more sinister turn yesterday as the US State Department officially confirmed 16 US Government employees were affected by health attacks in Cuba. State Deaprtment spokesperson Heather Nuarte calmly explained the details, which are quite frankly stunning… .@statedeptspox: We can now confirm that at least 16 […]