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Wasserman-Schultz IT Aides Ran Shady “CIA” Car Dealership, Borrowed $100K From Hezbollah Fugitive

Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller is out with a follow-up to a report on the Awan Pakistani IT family who had access to highly sensitive Congressional networks, both on-site and from Pakistan, where they are suspected of a variety of crimes -including brokering classified information to hostile foreign governments. Of note, they had access to the […]

Navy Investigating 2 SEAL Team 6 Members Over Green Beret’s Death

Many questions about the circumstances surrounding the death of Sergeant La David Johnson remain unanswered, but in a surprising Sunday-afternoon bombshell, the New York Times reported that Navy criminal authorities are investigating whether two members of the Navy’s elite Seal Team 6 strangled to death an Army Green beret on assignment in Mali in June. […]