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Spread Betting Shares Plunge As EU Regulator Unveils Trading Crackdown

With two weeks to go before the implementation of the EU’s dreaded new regulatory overhaul, MiFID II has struck again… This time it’s hit the shares of several derivatives brokers which provide platforms for retail (mainly) investors to speculate on global stocks, currencies, commodities and ETFs. Only a few days ago, we explained how banks […]

Bitcoin Futures And The Need For Control

Authored by Tom Luongo, I’ve been asked by a few subscribers to further discuss the potential effect of the major exchanges starting up futures trading in Bitcoin.  Last month the CME Group and the CBOE – Chicago Board of Exchange — announced they would begin trading futures contracts in Bitcoin due to popular demand. image […]

Meet The World’s No.1 Bitcoin Derivatives Trader: “It’s Pure Unlicensed Capitalism”

From his small suburban home in Basingstoke, just west of London, Jay Smith – the No. 1 cryptocurrency trader at online brokerage eToro – looks for reasons to buy more bitcoin and other digital tokens. The 29-year-old high school dropout and one-time professional video-game player doesn't mind the volatility, as Bloomberg reports, his portfolio is […]